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Now the usual FB suspects have moved on to a story about a Muslim woman in NYC who was "literally set on fire on the street" as she walked along, minding her own business.

Turns out she was walking along, felt scorching heat on her sleeb, shook her arm, and discovered it was (barely) on fire. Turns out someone had tried to ignite her sleeb with a cigarette lighter. This is being treated (by the article writers) as a horrible hate crime, despite the lack of evidence of anti-Muslim sentiment on the part of lighter guy.
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fuck your fucking FB friends.

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Oh well. They keep life sort of interesting, I guess. All the drama comes from a relative handful.
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Okay gang if you ever see me post something like "Okay gang I think I've decided to buy more furnatcher from Ikea will assemble it myself with my own hands and toyel!!" please stage a online intervention thank you in advance.
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Here's something people do they use their imaginations to imagine criticisms that others might make against a course of action they are engaged in. Then they make a post on Facebook very angrily denouncing the imagined critics of their course of action. Like "I know some people might think I'm a egotistical selfishman for getting myself some lunch rather than donating the money to Oxfam but those son of a bitchs can kiss my ass my own body needs nutriment to function FACT!!!"

I probably do part one of that three times a day: imagine something bad/embarrassing I've done and then imagine what would happen if someone found out/said something and then get all self-righteous/defensive in my own mente about my bad acts.

Fortunately I leave it at that, usually after reminding myself that I would probably deserve whatever opprobrium I received.

Such a fantastic word I've never heard before.
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Such a fantastic word I've never heard before.

I don't roll that one out very often. biggrin.gif
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I, as a general rule, eschew obfuscation

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Inimical to a positive discussion, surely.
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Inimical to a positive discussion, surely

Indubitably it do

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Leave the backdoor key on the Oldsmobile keychain for the next renters or take with. Hmmm. Aka good karma vs sick keychain ownership...
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I have good key karma .My wife has bad key karma .Believe me when I tell you ,leave the key

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People who are late to their own meeting
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Can't lie, I'm a few minutes late to about 40% of my meetings 😊
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When I was the operations guy the CEO would constantly be late to meetings. I finally instructed everyone to completely ignore him as he would open the door, sashay in, pause and wait for the imagined applause. I think people that are habitually late feel all eyes are upon them and his behaviour confirmed that for me.
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