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Originally Posted by VaderDave View Post

I don't think I have ever heard a Godsmack song. Time to Spotify, maybe.
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I don't even know how to put into words how lame Godsmack is. Just the fact that a Sicilian kid would choose to go by Sully should tell you enough about him. 

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Says the guy named Ethan that wishes he was from the Middle East.
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2/10 comeback. 

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This is the only Godsmack anyone should care about.

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I'm 95% certain that the band named themselves after that very song.
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Godsmack's music sounds like someone took every pot and pan he owned, and dropped them all at once from his second floor window
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Originally Posted by ethanm View Post

2/10 comeback. 

Truth hurts, bebe.
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Well it would be true if you said whose name isn't Ethan and if the Middle East meant New Jersey... although I don't wish I was from NJ I am from NJ the greatest country in the world. 

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Stop calling it the Middle East. It's called Sweden and they get mad if you don't use the correct name.
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Is there a contest going on to see who can come up with the ugliest NCAA football uniforms?
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I was so happy to learn that Pitt returned to their classic script logo. But the rest of the uniform is so hideous that it basically cancels out the goodness of the logo. (Pitt defeated my alma mater on the gridiorn of football field today. I'm not especially bothered by that because I don't really care about my alma mater's football squad.)
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Commentators of football when the clock is running down and a guy takes care to get out of bounds to stop the clock they be like "Now that is a man with a high football IQ you just can't teach that kind of situational awareness will probably be a coach in this league at some point what a heads up play!"
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Okay given the ending of the Cowboys-Giants game, I guess it isn't as obvious as I assumed that you got to go out of bounds when dat clock must needs be stopped.
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