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Where's my thumbs down button?

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At least three of my FB friends have now re-shared a video of a guy in Army fatigues playing a guitar, with all kinds of hyperbolic commentary about how I will be amazed at his talent, as if it should be a shock to me that someone in the Army might be capable of playing a guitar.
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Was it this guy?

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Originally Posted by Numbernine View Post

Was it this guy?

No, it was some new guy. Hard to believe that the Army might have had two guys who could play guitar. Definitely not during the same period, of course.
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Probably this guy:

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No, no, no, no, no. It was these guys -

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What the hell seems like ESPN website can't go two weeks without having some feature where they rank things ain't need to be ranked. I guess they probably like those stories because they get people fired up making comments and whatnot. Irregardless, I find them annoying, especially when they just ranked the same damn thing like a year ago. (Rolling Stone ain't much better with the rank ordering nonsense, don't anyone think I forgot about them.)
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So would you order ESPN or Rolling Stone as the number one offender? 

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I did a quick calculation using proprietary mathematical formula turns out ESPN comes in first with a 7.52 ranking index. Rolling Stone comes in second with 6.81.

EDIT: Aww man you got me but good tricked me into hypocrelsey hehehe!
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They took aspartame out of diet pepsi and it still tastes the same to me. Why cant they do it to the rest of the soft drinks?
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Originally Posted by GreenFrog View Post

I let on very little about my personal finances to friends and whatnot. I only talk about stock investments I make but never the magnitude of them.

I do let my parents know about my financial picture though.

3 people in the world need to know about your personal finances your lawyer, your account and you
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Nobody needs to know your personal views on religion,politics or immigration ,yet here we are

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Of course they do how else would they know I'm vegan.
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