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I don't get why in my head I always confuse poasters Rumpelstiltskin and Munchausen for each other (and no, I don't have any trouble distinguishing the two fairy tale/folk story characters from each other).
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Maybe it's because you have trouble telling the two fairy tales apart to where you also confuse the people what are named after them.

EDIT: Aww shoot, looks like lawyerdad beat me to the punch on that one hehehe!
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Back in olden times you could give a guy a nickname just by doing Mr. + the activity he was known for. (I'm thinking of Mr. Hockey.) Seems like we never make nicknames like that anymore.

Probably because we have things like facebook to connect friend groups now.

What if you were actually the worst player on your hockey team, but your other friends all call you Mr. Hockey because they don't know any other hockey players. Then they start posting on your facebook calling you Mr. Hockey and your teammates see it and wonder "Why are they calling Dave 'Mr. Hockey'? He's pretty bad at it and he only practices 2 nights a week..."

Would be so embarrassing, I don't think society could survive.
Mr Baseball is Bob Uecker. He was not very good at baseball.
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But Mr. Hockey was Gordie Howe. He was for sure good at hockey.

(I don't know a lot about culinary arts, so I can't say whether Mr. Food is good at food or not. I know he's got a "test kitchen," which sounds like something an expert would have.)
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I know a Mr. Goldman. He's not very good at being a man made out of gold
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I've wondered this about a lot of things. In particular, I wonder how much different our mannerisms are than people who lived before things like TV, and whether the stuff we see characters do is based upon real behavior or vice versa.

realistically it's probably some mix - filtered through a sort of echo chamber of dialogical feedback  - although i don't scratch my head (or rub my dick) when i'm bewildered.


take "gay" mannerisms for instance: are folks simply living up to stereotypes, offering identification cues through symbolic, rote habits, or operating on instinct alone? it's likely all of the above! and no doubt "gay" expressions or mannerisms has shifted over time as well... and since that is still somewhat of a subset identification operating within a larger societal context, a gay man in say Ecuador probably "acts gay" differently than a gay man in Saudi Arabia or Cameroon or France or the US and there are probably universal cues in there as well...


in any case it is interesting to think that somebody can bend culture on basically charisma alone. but hey it happens in any other medium, why not?

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This reddit thing you kids are always saying is so groovy. Trying to fact check for idle curiosity an unimportant statement someone made about Shakespeare, get a link to some reddit discussion about it, and suddenly I'm scrolling through a never-ending torrent of comments arguing about whether or not Steve Jobs was the worst person ever with levels of butthurt that put this place to shame..
I assume that's pretty much how they all end up?
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isn't that how all discussions end up?
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not if you're a bonobo
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Originally Posted by erictheobscure View Post

not if you're a bonobo

Fucking love me some Bonobo.
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Now that it's political season I'm seeing this old chestnut of argument a lot: "I saw driver on the road with bumper sticker for Political Figure X he speeded just goes to show that supporters of Political Figure X think the law don't apply to them entitled like the Millenigans."
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If my reading of French media sources is accurate, the most pressing question in France today is whether Paul Pogba did bras d'honneur during the soccer match or was it just a dance he likes to do of which bears some resemblance to bras d'honneur? I have decided to undertake my own investelgation will not rest till I find a answer.

(In the cultures of many Latinate peoples, bras d'honneur has a meaning somewhat similar to flepping the bird of middle finger.)
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When I was younger there was a rule and everyone knew it: if you want to be taken seriously as a grocelry store you had to carry Product 19 in your cereal aisle. Sorry but this was non-negotiable no excuses tolerated for not carrying dat Product. Well nowadays I often find myself in stores with no Product 19 to be seen anywhere when I speak with the managers they are not even embarrass. Maybe we need to return to a simpler time when people had some shame to them.
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They still make dat Product 19?
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