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Every week we have a team call.  I think there's an inverse relationship between the amount someone talks about their work on the call and how much work they actually do.

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When you review a many-script for a publisher just basically help them decide whether to publish it or not they offer you either cash or books whose value considerably exceeds the amount of cash that is offered. But then I check out all the books they got on offer and I'm like "Man I am not sure I even want any of these tolms should I just take the cash money?"
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Just saw a guy cruisin' in his pimped out cadillac on 22's, blaring Lil Wayne, with a Papa John's sign on his roof...
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I bet he's a franchise owner.
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New thread-
How to be a Fast Food franchise owner?
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Just got back from the opera and as usual I got moistenment in the eyezone when sad events took place. It got me to wondering how do I manage to get through the reglar sadnesses of everyday life when I get weepiness to me watching fictional people suffer dat hardships.
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I blame the music for adding to dat melon collie feeling.  Its like those SPCA commercials, with the sad looking animals along with sad music. Generally speaking, there's no sad music affecting your mente when you happen upon sad events in your day to day envirlement. 


That's the end of my amateur psychological theory. 

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You must have faulty audio system there is definitely music accompany real life sad events.
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Not if you've got some KISS cassettes loaded in dat Maybach. 

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Nothing adds gravitas to dat moment of personal drama like Paul Stanley warbling Lick it Up in dat background. I'm shedding a tear just thinking about it.
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All I got out of that was that opera makes L'inc moist.
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The Monkees have a new song called "Me and Magdalena." I am not even gonna lie it does put me to condition of weepy a little bit.
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
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I got a friend who loves mushrooms (the food) basically going out and searching for them in nature or whatever. Whenever you're at his house he insists that you refer to his dining room as the munchroom. Most of his friends go along but I'm like "look man I got pride to me I am not saying munchroom just because you tell me I got to. Specially when the reason is so stupid."
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I don't think I have ever had reason to refer to any room by name when at a friend's house.
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Where's the bathroom?
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