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Moar like otc@penisisland
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Needs a .com.

Or, more likely, .biz.
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: (
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You suck GF. There actually is an e-business called Pen Island that makes bespoke pens. Their web URL is the obvious joke that you could have made. But maybe Penis Island is on your bookmarks so that's what you went for.

Another fun one is
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Brah, penisland is like older than the internet.

The whole joak is that otc is unmistakably employed on a Penis Island.

I remember buying a pair of Alchemist jeans from BiG when I was a sophomore in college. My friend and I were looking at the leather patch and the spacing was all fucked up to where it said "A N A L C H E M I S T"
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That was made for you
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Originally Posted by VaderDave View Post

Meaning 1: used with gentleness
Meaning 2: used by gents (meaning men)

It's the best I could come up with on short notice.

It's probably the best I could come up with even if I had unlimited time.


Originally Posted by otc View Post

I can assure you that nothing I have for sale has been used gently.


At least you're both honest.

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Awhile ago I was in a Starbucks, last in line.


A crowd comes in and the old guy behind me taps me on the shoulder and says:


"how about that? first you're the caboose and now I'm the caboose"




but whatever. I go: "yeah okay" and then the old lady behind him goes:


"HEY I SEE YOU FAGGOT" and to his credit the guy goes "yeah so what?"


and now I'm thinking:


god in heaven can i just order a fucking cup of coffee without being subjected to unwanted, tacky, predatorial advances? or bigotry?

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Why didn't you tell him you're a conductor, not a caboose.
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Or that you see yourself as more of a trombone, than a faggot.
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This is why I get my caffeine fix by buying a Red Bull at the convenience store on the corner. No lines and no crazy people.
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Wait wat. No crazy people at a convenience store??
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Maybe I should rephrase- no crazy people that want to talk to me. Except Ahmet behind the counter, but that's because he doesn't manage his diabetes well. He's always working, too. I don't think he's going to live long.

Now I'm kinda sad.
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Why do people say "on line" when they mean "in line?" I mean such as like "I was standing on line when all of a sudden the handle of my brella flew into the skyzone to where everyone stared at me." From now on let's all agree to say "in line" when we mean that we are queued up.
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I'm from the concrete jungles of New Yawk, bruh. Mean streets of TriBeca. It is what it is.  

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