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Lol. Superintendent - I'm upset they played this drinking game. (Completely ignoring the fact that these under 21s were drinking in the first place)
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Just went down the worm hole of a Facebook comment section with a video of dances at a Jewish wedding set to a Kid Cudi song. Never heard of the Black Hebrew Israelites until some ardent supporters made comments saying the Jews in the video aren't really Jews. They're white people who are oppressing them and have stolen their identity as one of the Twelve Tribes of Israel.

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These guys are always in Times Square. Always good for a laugh if you hang around and wait for a drunk Jewish kid to come by and get in their faces. They're also barred from entering Israel AFAIK. 

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Fire :slayer:

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Apparently it is seblings day to where you are supposed to post photos of you and your seblings to Facebook. I'm sorry but gimme a break I am not going to do that.
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I don't know how Diderik was raised before I adopted him--he's got dat "mystery history" as they say in the cat rescue biz--but I've noticed he always worries that he's being punished by the Lord. Today I put new sheets on the bed, which scared him because he's not used to seeing fabric flying about such a manner.

Diderik: That is a scary visual phenomelnon I am viewing am I being punished by the Lord for biting?
Me: No, the scary phenomelnon is just I have to change the sheets keep a clean sleeping environment for everyone.
Diderik: Are you trying to tell me it's a coincidence you changed the sheets after I bited?
Me: Yes, just a coincidence. I mean you're right, you shouldn't bite, but the Lord is not punishing you for it.
Diderik: I hope He doesn't punish me for misinterpreting act of changing sheets.

Looks like he's a very Dutch Calvinist kitty, put 'er that way.
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I dunno, that sounds very much like Catholic kitty behavior to me
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Am I the only person who has ever noticed that plain bagels taste a little bit like paint smells? I can't be the only person who has noticed that, right?
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Pert near every day I listen to the news on a Portuguese language podcast. Seems like it happens often they interview some person who does música caboverdiana they are all like "This person brings so much innelvation fresh perspective to dat música caboverdiana hey here's a sample of which to hear what I mean!!!" And then the sample sounds pretty much like all the music of Cape Verde that I have heard in previous broadcasts. But sure enough broadcaster comes back on air be like "How innelvative, how fresh this music is completely new interpeltation of dat traditional Cape Verde sounds!!!" And then I'm just like "okay, parently I don't have a ear for this music."
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Sometimes I hear people doing debate about the best breed of apple I'm like "What are you even debating about it's not a close call pink lady apple is the best breed."
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Just like pink are the best breed of pants, no two ways about it. 

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I read a study said that apple will increase your lifeforce 35% if you eat one per day. Here's the thing though I'm not a huge fan of apples as I mentioned I like pink lady but still I like other fruits better. So here's my dilemina now I have to do subtraction figure out how much lifeforce is reduced by eating a fruit I don't like as much as other fruits. In other words, what is the net lifeforce gain? But I don't know how to calculate the math.
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Honeycrisp apples are the best breed of apple. No two ways about it
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You must of never tried pink lady or got faulty batch.
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Originally Posted by indesertum View Post

Local organic artisanal Honeycrisp apples are the best breed of apple. No two ways about it

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