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Don't forget about Title IX though...that flows money into women's sports, particularly basketball because A) it is the most successful, and B) It can conceivably share a lot of resources with men's basketball. When you've got 85 Football scholarships sitting there, and no women's sport that requires anywhere near that many takes a little bit of work to make it look like you are offering equal opportunities. So at least for FBS schools, there's a lot of focus on women's basketball.

So while the sample of extremely talented women's players may be smaller...I wouldn't guess that there is really that much smaller of a pool of schools seriously recruiting them. But women get 15 scholarship slots (vs 13 for men) which means you've got about 4 new slots every year...with a small pool of top-tier recruits, you can assume that a multiple-championship winning team will be able to snag 4 of them each year, but the other teams will have to fight for it. It is one thing to know you are going to spend time on the bench if you still have a high likelyhood of winning a championship. It is another thing when you are choosing between being the 3rd top-tier freshman recruit at an 5th place school where you will sit on the bench for a while...or being the 1st or 2nd recruit at a 9th place school where you will see freshman play time (and still have about equal odds of winning something big).
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I wish this discussion popped up in CE so that people would make fun jokes like they must pick the school based on how cute the uniforms look wahaha
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Why can't I pick my school based on the girls volleyball uniforms?
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A lot of my female friends betimes make FB posts such as like "My friends han betrayed me hey sometimes you got friends be there for the good times but then when things turn for the worst they are nowhere to be found whatever happened to true friendship anyways?"

I don't think I've ever seen a male FB friend do such a post. So do women's friends really abandon them that often? Do men's friends abandon them too but the men just don't complain on FB? Or maybe the women interpret lots of things as abandonment which may or may not really be acts of abandonment?
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Abandonment = my friend has a four seat car and there were five of us going to dinner so I had to drive myself because I was the last one who showed up and all the seats were spoken for. A true friend would have broken the rules of time and space to make it so five people could ride in a four-seat car.
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all guys? cause once after a wedding i went full "matterhorn" (alternately, "splash mountain") with some dude in the front seat

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Matterhorn Never fails to make me laugh

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Betimes I feel like all I want to do is turn my body to trunken or vlentee.
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Realtor lingo unique location, all locations are unique, idiots.
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Conversation with student at the food truck just now:

Student: Oh hey I love the color of your sweater!!!
Me: Thanks.
Student: I just bought a top of exactly the same color!!!
Me: Oh, am I going to see it on Monday? [Next class day]
Student: Oh I don't know it's a perty skimpy shirt hehehe!
Me: (in my mente): Okay there's really not much I can say in response to that I am sort of like in checkmate of convo.
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Oh I know exactly what you should say 🍆🍆🍆
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 Students play ‘Jews vs. Nazis’ beer pong; one side has a swastika, the other a Star of David


High school kids play drinking game and post it to snapchat.

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Originally Posted by Find Finn View Post

Realtor lingo unique location, all locations are unique, idiots.

You haven't spent much time in Murican suburbs, I take it.
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None to be exact
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Originally Posted by brokencycle View Post


High school kids play drinking game and post it to snapchat.

It's a well known fact that Princeton HS kids are douchehats. 

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