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Originally Posted by L'Incandescent View Post
. I will add six free points to your exam due to gender fluid.

:uhoh: Waiting for GF to jack off on his exam for 6 free points.

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All you can eat buffets.
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I used to crush those when I was a teenager. Besides the normal teenage appetite, we used to do two a day practices for basketball and hit a buffet after the second. I was proud to claim a personal record of 8 deep dish pizza slices until I noticed the centers on the team consuming two entire pies by themselves
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I went to school with a guy, who proudly boasted that he could eat 10 slices of bread at the before summer break class breakfast.

No one was impressed by it though.
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Yeah, young guys eating after working out makes sense; did the same thing myself as a kid. I'm talking about grown people on vacation and stuff when nice places to eat are everywhere.
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It's only because they think it's a good deal. So they pig out on the shrimp or whatever 'expensive' food is out there. 'Get their money's worth'
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Originally Posted by Piobaire View Post

Kale tastes like shit so no thanks in general.

Originally Posted by MrG View Post

I like kale, but I'm certain none of you pinko Whole Foods types have any idea how to prepare it properly (hint: if you didn't instantly think "ham hock," you're already wrong).

Possibly the only time I have purchased kale....but this salad is fucking awesome.
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I think baby kale tastes pretty good. I like to throw it into smoothies. I don't think I would eat it on its own, though.
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Kale is pretty good if you blanch it first, then do a little saute and add some lemon juice. One of my favorite quick vegetables.
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White people use lemon juice in ways it really should not be used.
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No ham hocks, no lemon juice. Can't win with Piob.
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Originally Posted by L'Incandescent View Post

^^ Sino-Dutch Calvinist Practitionry League.

So today I ate lunch at a Japanese restaurant. If you try to guess the songs that played in the background you probably won't get it right they played "Nutshell" by Alice in Chains. That I did not expect, no two ways about it.

Is there any cuisine that goes with?
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I enjoy the song of "Nutshell" and often play it on my guitar (Spector NS6a) but I got to straight up admit it is not really any kind cuisine music.

[Bullshit you don't know how to play the guitar or know anything about guitars I have had it up to here!]
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Every once in a while the spirit gets in to me to where I dance around in my condo like Billy Squier in "Rock Me Tonite" music video. Then my neighbors come to complain but once they see what's going on they join in, to where it's like at the end of the video bunch of people dancing around pastel backdrop.
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When do we get to answer L'inc's students' questions?

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