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I just had this argument with my German friend - is there a German band or musical act that is internationally renowned...that is not Rammstein??

The best we could come up with is Milli Vanilli, and that's, It was also pointed out to me during this conversation that Berlin is not actually a German band
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isn't Kraftwerk german?

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Definitely Kraftwerk. I think Scorpions have a reasonable claim as well. And Kingdom Come had that one hit ("Get It On") that's a bit of a Zeppelin ripoff. Their singer is German maybe that's enough to count.
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I have a menu item at "The Chili Chack" called "Phisherman's Special." It is my regular chili with little bits of perch added in. I make bank on that menu item because the local Phish fans often smoke too many doobies and get the munchies. They will buy anything with the word "Phish" in it. (I have it as "Phisherman" to avoid a lawsuit.)

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If you clubbed, or went to raves a lot like 10 years ago, you might of heard of Tomcraft, or Paul Van Dyk.
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How about Nena?
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We kinda felt that one-hit wonders haven't done enough to be "renowned". So Nena is out. And then we arbitrarily decided that the classic composers are not really what we mean by "music acts". So sorry, Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Wagner and co.

Scorpions is a good one. Paul van Dyk is one of those acts I know, but never would have come up with.

Haven't heard of Kraftwerk shog[1].gif
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I also don't get the player's tribune. I assume this is supposed to be a site that gives you an unprecedented level of access into pro players' minds and lives, but the whole thing just comes across as one big collective ego trip.

(Realizing, as well, that this is a Derek Jeter project and how could one of those end up in any other way?)
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Falco is in no way a One-Hit-Wonder. He had dozens.
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You guys are forgetting David Hasslehof.
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The Hoff isn't German
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Originally Posted by HRoi View Post

The Hoff isn't German

Dood, do you even 1980s?
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Originally Posted by HRoi View Post

Haven't heard of Kraftwerk shog[1].gif

You should be, if you haven't heard of them, you have heard them, they are basically the basis of all hip hop beats and the most sample group of all time.
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yep. as essential to 20th century western music as the beatles.

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KMFDM, you bunch of philistines.
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