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People who use the second person indicative constantly.
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Empty gestures Electronica/Trance/30 second loop of some fucker playing laser tag on repeat for 12 minutes Driving with the seat leaned all the way back Why poor people cant have nice shit People who think a lion would win against 40 midgets with forks. Sunglasses indoors/ @ night
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The passive voice being used by people.
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People who litter Golf Homelessness Fantasy sports Obsession with Madden football games People who hate Gay's. One from today: We here in rainy Florida have the option for a pro-life license plate with a sunny yellow background and a outline picture of a family with kids in the middle. Why is there no pro-choice license plate? I, for one, would like to see this.
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The cost of having to buy new tires and windows would make having such a license plate Pyrrhic after the first night out. The included pic could be some guy with a look of relief on his face as he wipes his brow.
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Seems I had the image fucked up. Here is the Pro-Life plate: Also, coming soon to a religious vehicle near me, the Jesus license plate: Welcome to Florida!
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Well, you just have to ruin the plates by getting "PEDOPHL" for the first plate and "JUDAS" for the second plate.
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Buying a notebook computer but never moving it off your desk
Extremely spicy food
Fur haters that eat meat
Jonas Brothers
Not paying off your credit cards when you have a money in a savings account earning < 1% interest
Pasta Salad
Potato Salad
Soap Operas
The concept of "saving money" buy purchasing something on sale that you wouldn't have purcased if it wasn't on sale
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people who spend way too much time thinking or worrying about what other people are doing
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Originally Posted by odoreater View Post
people who spend way too much time thinking or worrying about what other people are doing

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monster trucks.
college sports fanatics who've graduated.
yard work.
organic shit.
exotic pet-guy.
sword collectors.
camping out for things (i.e. PS3, tennis shoes, iphones, etc.)
face tatoos.
Chris angel.
The sudden love for michael jackson.
mindless blockbuster movies.
baseball on tv.
attending the NFL draft.
super heroes.
competitive eating.
hybrid juice drinks.
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Originally Posted by Big Punisher View Post
Boat shoes
Unrivaled comfort. and for me: Religion Wearing Arabic inspired scarves while being white.. all year round. Wearing a toque in the summer White belts and shoes Crocs McDonalds Guidos Canadians who "support" Obama Clubs Earrings on a male
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The difference between the "z" score and the "t" statistic.
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Originally Posted by tiecollector View Post
What's up with people always taking notes no matter what? How do you have a 10 minute business meeting and end up with 3 pages full of notes? What are these people writing down? I feel like sometimes a transcript would have been shorter.

It depends. Sometimes you write down your own thoughts and directions to self. I can absolutely see this happening if you are in meetings all day long. Just to keep track.
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