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Nudies on Hu$tle

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Great show, AMCs Hu$tle.....thought it was interesting that the character 'Danny' was wearing washed Nudies on last weekend's episode. Overall, it's an awesome show. Great writing and great gear worn by the main characters. Also Jaime Murray is a really hot crumpet!

sat 10pm AMC...get into it.
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Awesome show. I second Jason's recommendation. Didn't know it was available on cable. I was downloading it through bittorrent after catching it at a friend's place.

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I don't usually buy tv show dvd sets but I'd buy Hu$tle in a second when it comes out. The US season is actually season 1+2 of UK combined...I understand they are on season 3 in the UK right now
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Happened to catch the Hustle marathon two weekends ago, and now I'm hooked. It's more fun than any of the Ocean movies, and it looks far better than its forthcoming American quasi-counterpart, Heist.
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Hustle is damn good. Proof again that the British, for the most part make better TV shows than the Americans. Jon.
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What is this show?
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Originally Posted by minya
What is this show?

about a group of 5 long con grifters in London that abide by a "moral code" of only ripping off greedy fucks
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I saw an episode and enjoyed it. But I did keep wondering when Danny would go blind and start poking around for his Garand.
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Hey if you guys like Hustle and other English programs you might wanna try and see Spooks. I dunno if that was ever shown in the US, probably available on bittorent.
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It was shown in the US under the name MI5.
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Spooks: also a good show. Sometimes more sadistic than 24.
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Just watched the first two seasons due to recommendations from you guys and loved it. Getting the third right now. Only one gripe: Was anyone else really annoyed by the fact that Danny buttoned all three buttons of his suit?
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I noticed that, too-- probably done to illustrate that Danny is the younger and less worldly of the crew, as Mickey (and his dapper mentor) would never button all the buttons on a jacket.
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