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Pulled out 20+ year old high school yearbooks and took a look. Guess I was pretty conservative compared to the dress others have confessed to. Clothing style haven't changed much and probably be called "dressy casual."

Plastic-rim glasses have been replaced by metal/wire frames. Hair is now cut substantially shorter.

In one photograph I am wearing a vest sweater (I now have at least eleven of these, which I use for dress-up in combination with a sport coat, or in a casual setting) and in another a crew neck sweater (likewise have an infinitesimal number today).

I have on an oxford shirt in another picture. (Recall I first began to like oxford shirts in high school, the fabric was heavy and so passed the endurance test, further they were considered "preppy" enough to be worn casually and yet suffices as dress garment.) Also, remember some button down shits in the lighter tattersall weave in solid colors (blue and yes, even pink).

A full length photo, found me standing and attired in: a plaid shirt (could still be worn without embarrassment) and blue jeans (probably Levi's 505, a brand I still wear regularly). Noticed too, the absence of a belt. Somewhere around Sophomore year or so, I abandoned wearing one, until beginning a suit and tie job after College, where including them was requisite in expected dress form. That said, I still today almost never wear with a belt with jeans. Finally, the footwear of white socks with trainers/sneakers is now reserved for sport and athletic activities. Argyle socks with Doc Marten boots/slip-on loafers usually cover feet as off-work casual attire.