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Hip-hop/skater stuff - by the end of my senior year I started only ever wearing button-downs and a nice leather jacket or overcoat - but I kept the baggy pants from the earlier phase. But hey, that's the thing now for Kanye, Talib, et. al., so I like to think I started that juxtaposition
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I lived in a hedonistic cocoon in Taipei. We had two Vivienne Westwood boutiques fifteen minutes away from each other. Growing up in America would've been hell.

Edit: I do know many non-Asians, though, who grew up in the US and Europe that were well-aware of, and wore those labels. The luckier few could frequent the local ateliers of Rome and the like.
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Originally Posted by Get Smart
my guess is only Asians, in Asia, would be that aware of fashion labels that young
Or perhaps Italians, French.
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Originally Posted by the diplomat pretty much the same I wear now for leisure... jeans or khakis, Polo RL poloshirt or button-down-shirt, brougues, loafers or boatshoes (age: 15-19, in Germany you finish secondary school at the age of 19) before that I had a phase where I only wore skater-clothing (age: 12-15)
That seems to be the uniform among german high-schoolers. Right now I'm in those precious last months before the final exams and subsequently (just wanted to write that word) graduation. Looking 'back' it is pretty much the same for me and so for most other's in my school. Right now I'm either wearing Levi's 505's or RL khakis (which fit horribly on a high-schooler w/o tailoring); grosgrain belt or a 'normal' belt; poloshirt (RL and Lacoste- I strongly prefer the latter but with those prices for RL in the US...), shirt (on some days I feel like button-down's, on others it's a nicely tailored shirt in a fancy pattern); boat-shoes (timberland is default for daily wear around here), chelsea-boots or brougues. When it's colder you'll see me wearing a nice sweater or rugby-shirt (in fact I'm wearing a bordeaux fine-gauge merino tutleneck from Faconnable right now- Nordstrom has a great sales-rack sometimes...), when I go out with friends I sometimes throw on a jacket of some sort. As outerwear I am wearing a navy duffle-coat from Gloverall (had it for 2 years by now and have been loving it for every second) or a quilted jacket depending on the weather. Oh, I wear socks and underwear too... And from that first phase I have some carhartt pants and so on lying around as well- great to get some real work done. Used to be loved for their coolness, now for their utility. And you bet that there are plenty of young women in geman schools that could tell you the head-desigenres of those companies mentioned. They really have too much time on their hands, worrying about such minor stuff as that... ;-)
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Originally Posted by edmorel
Did you go to school in Columbine?

No, unfortunately those guys totally busted my look for me. My black leather trench is still sitting sadly in the closet, artfully ripped and unworn.
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Blue jeans worn out at the knees - worn out by use not by distress. Flannel shirts. Sweaters in the winter. Unkempt. Unshaven. Come to think of it, I don't think that I shaved until I was 21 or so. . .
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Uniform. Gray trousers, white shirt, dark green tie with purple and navy blue stripes, navy blue sweater with green and purple tipping, dark green blazer with crest.

Yeah, I dunno either.
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Boot cut Levis, flannel shirts, hiking boots, long underwear shirts, Adidas Superstars and t-shirts when the weather was warm. Outerwear was down coats, denim jackets and layered flannel shirts. This was Detroit, 1972 - 1975. I had a huge t-shirt collection. Logos for bands, cars, tatoo parlors, operas, art exhibits, R. Crumb characters, the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers, tantric yoga weekends, name it. My younger brother did a superb piece of embroidery on the back of a denim jacket for my birthday. Copied it straight off the back of a Tom Scott and the LA Express Album: A long haired guy playing sax surrounded by psychedelic fire pouring out the bell of the horn. (I played tenor.) A few years later, on the street in Hyde Park, I got a nice complement on it from Joseph Jarman, reed player in the Art Ensemble of Chicago. A friend of mine had a bright orange t-shirt with two chorus lines of turds on it - with hands, feet and faces, drawn on it in the Shiny Shoe style (like Mr. Natural or the Keep On Truckin' guy). The turds on the lines were giving each other the soul shake with the slogan Get Your Shit Together! There were a couple of biker types, particularly this guy Don. He wore nothing but black denim, pants and jacket, except when it was very warm, when he'd trade the jacket for the vest of a pinstriped suit. And, because he was very short, 4-inch platform shoes. Accesories were a toothpick (ever-present) and big radio (and this was 1974) and, always, one or another smokin' hot chick. Chicks I still think about! You'll just have to take my word for it on this guy's girlfriends. They were ubiquitous and gorgeous.
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I pretty much dress the same way I did in high school, with better labels now that I can afford it. The train wreck was middle school and all of its mid-'80s cheesiness.
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In high school (2 years ago ) I wore things like loose bootcut (since I was so skinny and these brands have vanity sizing) Gap/AE/A&F jeans with tshirts or button ups from the same brands. I would usually wear some kind of adidas trainer or scuffed up doc martens boots.
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Jean shorts and acne.
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Graduated in '91, My sartorial heroes were the Replacements, Let it Be era. I know, that doesn't make sense. Plaid shirts and gray work pants from Britches Great Outdoors, Levis, Hanes t-shirts, and Chuck Taylors.
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In school we had grey shorts and white shirts (blue when seniors) as a uniform.

Outside, I went pretty much the total opposite route, with skintight jeans, painted leather jacket, and any sort of temporary hair dye I could throw in that would wash out by the time Monday rolled around What can I say, I was in love with 77-79 punk.

Btw Jason, the 'New Outlook' track is fucking phenomenal. Reminds me a bit of The Joykiller.
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About the same time frame as visionology, I wore pretty much the standard suburban American white boy get up, with baggy jeans and khakis from sources such as the Gap or Abercrombie and shirts from same with maybe a little Polo thrown in. The only way I was different is that I traveled more than most people, so I also had some H&M, Benetton, and Sisley duds before they were in America. Or at least the Southeast. On my feet, I wore undistinguished sneakers, usually Nike, Birkenstock Milanos, or low-top Docs. I had a series of cheap suits for special events (only one that fit me at a time), usually purchased off the rack from a warehouse like K&G. The summer before I went to college I acquired my first real suit, an MTM Zegna. I didn't own a decent sportcoat until I was 20. I borrowed ties from my dad on rare occasions when I needed one, staining a fair number of great ties (he was an Hermes buff, though they're mostly too narrow for me) that I wish I had now in the process....
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Originally Posted by Verb
Btw Jason, the 'New Outlook' track is fucking phenomenal. Reminds me a bit of The Joykiller.

right on, thanks! That's cool since I've been a huge fan of Jack Grisham from TSOL to Joykiller, even Tender Fury in between
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