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Maroon blazer, gray trousers, white shirt and blue/gold repp tie. Outside school, jeans and Pendleton shirts.
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One or two sizes too large t-shirts, baggy pants, a visor (*bows head in shame*) and a bad haircut.
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Originally Posted by aportnoy
I had to wear a coat and tie everday, so mostly a blue balzer with grey flannels.

Indeed. Those were the days.

How very glad I am that they're over!
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A lot of Marc Jacobs, Varvatos, Jil Sander, Dolce, and Prada, with some Paul Smith, Helmut Lang, Exte, Ferre, and Boss mixed in. Some of it, mainly MJ and JS is still very wearable. I still stick to those two.
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My later high school days 85-7 don't look too different from today

usually wore:

band tshirt, Fred Perry polo or Ben Sherman buttondown shirts
Levis 501
10 hole Docs with white laces
Levis denim jacket or flight jacket
Argyle sweaters

biggest difference is my hair was a #1 crop back then
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Originally Posted by Get Smart
My later high school days 85-7 don't look too different from today

You always had the suss.
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A lot of thrift store duds. T-shirts. Shorts long after they were seasonally appropriate. Nike sandals. Shirt and tie on gamedays! Nothing special, and nothing TOO embarrassing.
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Originally Posted by Tokyo Slim
a lot of black.

torn (shredded is a better word) jeans

black leather trench coat


Did you go to school in Columbine?
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HS years of 85-89 in suburban US? Do you really have to ask?

I was the perfect 80's dandy. Generra and Zebra Club (Seattle-ites should know it if it's still around). Paisly shirts, pegged pants, bolo ties, fringed jeans jacket. Picture that guy (not Roland Orzibal) from Tears For Fears in the video for Shout or Everybody Wants to Rule the World.

I listened to Bronski Beat, the Fine Young Cannibals, New Order, Depeche Mode, et al. I fit the image.

The guy on the left:

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H.S. - class of '85...

We weren't allowed to wear shorts (that was the only uniform my school had at the time), so I wore Levi's 501 shrink-to-fits, white OP drawstring pants, or my LL Bean flat front khakis. Shirts were either OP or Town & Country t-shirts, polos or button-downs. Shoes were white K-Swiss classics, Sperry Topsiders or Blue/White Checked Vans. I almost never wore socks.
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Style goal in HS was "Paul Stuart gone to seed." This was esoteric and, if I do say so myself, relatively advanced for St. Paul, MN in the early 80s. I went to a private school with a moderate dress code. Most people were doing the preppy thing, which I varied with some Ivy League stuff from the 50s and high waisted, deeply pleated pants from the 40s.

Once I wore Italian Army plus-fours with heavy-weight over the calf hiking socks. I think I pulled it off. My pic was on the clothing page of the yearbook.
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School uniform:

Grey trousers, blue blazer, predominantly white shirt (pale blue also allowed), black/green house tie, black shoes. On saturdays we had to wear a grey suit for chapel service, though we could also wear this suit on other days if we wished.

I understand the black/green house colours now have some unfortunate association with the evil House in Harry Potter!

The uniform was actually pretty smart in theory, but of course, like all schoolkids, it rapidly became very tatty and was bought at least one size too big in order for us to "grow into it"...
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Concert T-shirt from any one of the following: Rush, Queen, the Who, REO Speedwagon, Van Halen. Flannel shirt unbuttoned and untucked. Hiking boots, nickel bag in my sock, sometimes a John Deere hat.
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T-shirts, Levi's, cheap tennis shoes. Elementary school and junior high were worse: polo shirts, khakis, and black dress shoes. Most of my clothing was handed down from 2 older brothers so none of it fit right. The shoes were either large enough for me to "grow into" or had cardboard inserts to cover the holes in the soles. A traumatic time.
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1992-1996 High School This was my transition from 80's music to hip hop music phase. I wore large baggy jeans mostly, white sneakers, oversized tshirts and button downs, and timberland boots, I wore a hat every day. I had large black and dark coats with hoods. Since a large portion of our school was hispanic and black it was common attire.
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