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Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy View Post
I really like Jack Black Pit Boss. It is sold at Nordstrom, Neiman's and many specialty stores. It has a good masculine smell and excellent sweat control. Absolutely worth it's $14.95 price.

be aware though - it does smell great but has aluminum in it and when I used it, stained my undershirts
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Originally Posted by shasta View Post
be aware though - it does smell great but has aluminum in it and when I used it, stained my undershirts

I haven't had any problem with that. In fact I think it is better than my previous deodorant. Perhaps it depends upon how it interacts with your own body chemistry.
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I use the Crystal roll on. They changed the top to purple. I saved a white top from about 2 years ago that I always transfer to the new one's so it doesn't look too feminine. They also support breast cancer research and have a picture of a woman about to use the deodorant on a man, as if he isnt capable of doing it himself. This assalt on masculinity has gone on long enough! I will write a strong yet firm email to the managment tonight.
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Tom's of Maine, woodspice scent, is what I use. It controls sweat well, smells decent, and supposedly is 100% natural. I like the stuff so much I bought 2 years' worth of supplies when it went on sale last. Might be hard to find at your local grocery/drug store, but it's available through Amazon.
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I always use the matching deodorant (and aftershave) to the cologne I wear.............nothing worse then leaving the house smelling like a bunch of different products!
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I use Gillette. I use deodorant, not anti-perspirant. I don't like the idea of my pores being forcibly clogged.
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I wear Jack Black Pit Boss too , i am crazy for it.
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Crabtree & Evelyn Sandalwood - close to Caswell Massey , easier to come by.
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Used to use Lab Series unscented and worked great. Switched to standard Speed Stick unscented - worked about the same but was a bit more prone to breaking down in the dispenser. Now using Tom's of Maine cause I didn't want the aluminum - the hops work okay if not quite as well as the others.

May try the Malin one or a L'Occitane next.
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i use Tom's Of Maine, unscented. sort of does have a scent, actually - but it's more of a lemony fresh, very very subtle smell. it works perfectly. you just have to give it a few minutes to soak into your skin and dry, cause it tends to get ... erm ... foamy, if you spread it on and then start moving round right away.
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I like Arm and Hammer natural aluminum free better then Toms of Maine.
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Just picked up some Acqua di Parma - at $34 a stick this is not cheap shit, but it's very good.
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Some people like Brut, but be careful with the stuff, the scent can be really strong if you use it too much. Other than that, some old spice sticks are great.. Check with some girls who are close to you and get their opinion.
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My husband use the AXE Deodorant & Body spray .It doesn't contain alcohol.
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