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Rodd & Gunn

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Does anyone have any eperience with Rodd & Gunn clothing ?
I have some of their stuff and have been impressed with the fabric and overall quality.
That being said I don't have too much experience with any of the high end brands.

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I'm not sure how wide-spread they are - as far as I'm aware, their clothing is only available in Australia and New Zealand. On sale, some of their stuff isn't too bad and I have a couple of pairs of their cotton trousers. Unfortunately, however, they have an irritating habit of putting their logo on almost everything except jackets and suits - the back of trousers, chest of pullovers/sweaters, pocket of shirts, it all has the dog logo, which I don't like. I'd rather pay a bit more and buy clothes from Herringbone on sale, or get stuff from Brooks Brothers via the internet from the Brooks Brothers website or eBay.
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great stuff... good quality and price.
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Good quality. Poor value.
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Their clothes remind me a little of RM Williams or Orvis.
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