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Opinions on this silk suit

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Following up on the recent silk pants thread, what do you guys think of this suit for summer? (I may be attending 2 summer weddings in the coming months and don't have much to wear). I'd prefer to keep looking for a linen suit, but the measurements are pretty good for me. What's it worth?
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I'm not a huge fan of the 3-B Gibbons model - if you hustle over to Filene's, you can try on a few in 42L (not sure if they have 41L in Gibbons, they do in a Manhattan II).

Anyhow, not a bad suit, but not mindblowingly excellent, either, given my lack of interest in the styling. I am guessing that it won't be 'skinny' enough of a cut for you.

I'd say it is worth at least $450, given that it is NWT.
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I'd say it depends on how good the measurements are for you. I agree with Duveen on the value, and it's certainly a high quality suit, but linen may be more useful. If you can maybe afford both, and the measurements are nearly perfect, I'd keep bidding.
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Haha, i think they're closed! You're probably right about the cut though...I know the silk suit has some history to it, but linen seems to have much more innate "summer-ness" to it, so I'll keep looking. It's probably a real pain to take care of as well. Congratulations Duveen--you've successfully talked me out of two suit purchases in a week. My bank account thanks you.
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I think it's a nice color for the summer. If you can get it for $450, that would be a steal since you can't get a NWT Oxxford even at Filene's for less than $999 unless it's on sale.
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