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I sure could go for one of them Philly Cheese Steaks right now, yessireee ahum.
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They're just called cheesesteaks.

provolone wit FTW.

Occasionally I'll add peppers. Wiz wits are best for late night drunken binges. Wiz is generally vile, but magic happens in that Amoroso roll when it melds with the grease from the steak.
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The only 2 days I spent in Philadelphia were for summer law firm interviews, and I was determined to solve the mystery in my own mind. They put me in some luxury hotel so I had to ride on the subway quite a bit, but I eventually found Pat's and Geno's after drunkenly stumbling around for a while. I had Pat's the first night, and the second day (after the interview, mind you) I had Geno's. Gotta say I preferred my Geno's whiz wit. I would never in a million years considered getting whiz, but luckily my favorite professor was from Philly and he threatened my life if I didn't get whiz. I took his advice, and I was satisfied. Geno's whiz wit.
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Being from the Killadelph Steve's Steaks in Northeast Philly is by far the best cheesesteak I've ever had.
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pats and ginos are way overrated.

wogies in nyc is pretty damn good
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Originally Posted by ryoneo View Post

Sorry brah, nothing against you; you're a good guy.

As a Washington sports fan, I have expanded my hatred for all Philly teams to Philly in general.
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Whiz wit.
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with onion, with swiss and provalone and american and with jalapenos.
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jim's > pat's > genos
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provolone wit
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It was cheesesteak Tuesday today. It was good.
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Fuck I want a Philly Cheesesteak right now. So hungry
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John's Roast Pork's steak provolone wit is tops. Actually I order the roast pork (sharp with spinich) most times.
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Originally Posted by cheessus View Post
The best cheese steak in the DC Metro area would be Al's Steak Shop. Oh yeah, don't forget to add fried eggs.
Will try. Thank you.
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Forget Pat's and Geno's. They're okay but not even close to the best. Geno's doesn't chop the meat, which is a bit tough, but I like it better than Pat's. Also, forget the cheese whiz unless you really like it. It's tradition but IMO not the best tasting cheese (is it even a cheese?).

John's Roast Pork is terrific but has weird hours. Jim's on South Street is very good. Avoid the whiz and go with American or provolone. Steve's Prince of Steaks has several locations, none near Center City. Great steak sandwiches.

I was at Tony Lukes on Saturday. Only one of us got a cheese steak (very good) as their best sandwiches are roast pork, broccoli rabe and sharp provolone.
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