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thanks sysdoc...i've been grappling with the perfect mirror shine myself.
i accidentally got it once and i've been trying to replicate it ever since.
much appreciated
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I've put sysdoc's post here:


And a link from the main Shoe page:

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This thread reminds me of my cadet force days - of course, we cheated and used the heated back of a teaspoon to melt the grainy leather and create a perfect mirror finish!

I just tried sysdoc's instructions on a pair of black Loake Wells and got a surprisingly easy near-mirror result. I think I got cocky and put a little on a smidgen too much polish near the end and so lost a bit of the finish (no actual scratches in the finish, just lost a fraction of the mirror gloss). But the instructions definitely work - I just need to learn when to stop.

I look forward to experimenting more on the C&J Cliffords I'm expecting soon...
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