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Business casual wear

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It's been a while since I've posted a new topic, but recent circumstances have been cause for this question. My stint as a waiter in a top NYC restaurant is over, because of a job offering in the finance office of a IT consulting firm. This is just an internship for the summer until I start class in september. The office is business casual, so I'm gonna need some help on building a waredrobe. While I was in the office for my interview, I noticed most of the guys wore polos and khakis, however the two guys that interviewed me wore a shirt, tie, and slacks. I'm assuming because they worked in the finance dept. and wern't some computer geeks. The HR woman who called me and told me I got the job said I just needed a shirt and slacks, no tie, but I'm a little confused cause my boss was wearing a tie. So far im good on shirts. I have an assortment of RL button downs just about in every color, an Ike Behar and Faconnable; at least 8-10 in total. Any advise on what colors aren't appropriate? Im thinking of just the light color ones, no black, crimson, or midnight blue. As for pants, this is my weak point. I'm gonna need at least three pair. What colors do I need? Also, I'm thinking of a wool blend, or a light weight wool, flat front pant with cuffs. I hope you all agree that I should stay away from 100% cotton docker-like pants. The shoes I have, may be too formal for business casual. They are a pair of black Bruno Magli cap-toe lace ups, with a pointed toe. I'm thinking of buying some Gucci/Faragammo/Prada loafers instead. What do you guys think? I need help, especially with what pants to buy. thanks
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i suggest you hit one of the stores listed in the Esquire Top 100, and ask a knowledgeable salesperson to show you some business casual looks. even tho you might only buy a pair of socks and one shirt from him, i'm sure he will show you a number of ideas you can use (and maybe find lesser-priced alternatives). keep in mind....good advice from the experts in this area is important. business casual is hard; suits are much easier. you might want to check out sites like
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Actually, business casual is easy. Got a whole chapter in the book on it...Basic principle in my view is- if it looks good under a sport coat (whether you wear one or not), it's proper business casual. If it doesn't, it's not. Mike and I talked off line on where to find some slacks in his area. If anyone else would like the same info, or would like a copy of this chapter of the book, pre final publication, and pre-final edit (although just barely), e-mail me, and I'll be happy to oblige.
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EASY?..?..? i have to disagree....for business casual, you have to buy more clothing (so as to avoid wearing the same thing over and over again, instead of just changing a shirt or tie), you must know what is appropriate for the office via memos and rules (are khakis acceptable, or considered too casual in that particular office?), AND i think it requires a much more sophisticated sense of patterns and colors than i have knowledge of. business casual hard. thank God for stores like MS McClellans of knoxville (one of my favorite small stores), Paul Stuart, etc. otherwise, i would be lost. how the guys do it EVERY DAY in (northern/ S Valley) california, i will never know.
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If I had to choose 3 pairs of pants, they would be: 1) Worsted wool Charcoal grey flat-fronts 2) Flannel grey with a dark colored pinstripe (maroon or blue for more versatility. 3) Crepe navy flatfront. I would choose a slim, straightleg cut. Nothing too fashion forward (i.e. snug) for the office. I agree with Steve B. Anything that looks good under a sportcoat would be appropriate. One warning though, stay away from "drapey" fabrics in shirts and fitted sweaters. If you're not in shape they look terrible, and if you are, you'll look like you're trying too hard. Traditional poplins and twills are still best for shirts, and never wear sweaters that are meant to be worn next to the skin and/or could be described as "gossamer". (Some-one tried to sell me one on that basis.)
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