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^ Loved that movie as a kid.

Hancock. Avoid.
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On the advise of a coworker I rented My Best Friends Girl for myself and LC. Sadly LC jumped on me asking "WTF you rented a chick flick?", little did I know she was right and it blew.

We stopped about 25-30 mins into it and decided to try Wanted(we recieved this for Christmas) which stared a skeleton mimicing Angelina Jolie. This again, while not to shocking, was a total piece of garbage.

Last three movies either rented or given to us are batting 100 at sucking.
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Paul Blart Mall Cop.

Do. Not. Watch.

Seriously, Kevin James is a great comedian, but this movie blew. I was tempted to walk out.
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The Day When Time Ended.

an obscure 80's low-budget science-fiction film that is actually better than what you may think. the eeriness and strange plot and clever special effects enthralled me when i was a kid watching this on tv,
and then i completely forgot about it, and then i recently had a strange memory of this film that i saw when i was younger and i thought it may have been a dream of mine,
but then i finally found it and watched it again and enjoyed it all over again.

i encourage anyone who has netflix or online blockbuster to rent it and give it a try.
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Howard the Duck Benji the Hunted
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Cool World
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Zohan. Had to shield my eyes from the ghastliness during the last 30 minutes or so. the absolute worst movie that i have ever watched.
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Housebunny... sigh My friend's girlfriend wanted to watch it and there were more girls than guys there. I felt physical pain watching this movie.
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Originally Posted by robbie View Post
wow, I loved that movie.
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I just viewed the new mummy. I rented it because I knew it was going to be bad, bad to the point where a movie goes from unwatchable to comical. brendan frasier is without a doubt the worst actor. keanu reeves and Nicolas Cage have been fighting for this position for some time now, but this may have sealed the deal.
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Originally Posted by m@T View Post
wow, I loved that movie.

I thought I would too, but it just dragged and dragged for me.
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Originally Posted by rioni View Post
Howard the Duck

While this is a horrible movie, I was obsessed with it as a young child.
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So I like laying around with my gf and a watching chickflick once in a while as much as the next guy, but He's Just Not That Into You was just straight up impossible to watch. Neurotic stupid women. Predator men. The gf and I were both getting agitated watching it. Made it through less than 45 minutes. Woeful waste of a very talented cast.
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