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I've had one for about 2 years and it's holding up very well. It's starting to develop some character, but not flaws. There are no rips, tears or stitches coming out. It's a really well-made product that is going to last a long time. The gentleman who owns the operation told me the material cost per bag was around $80, which is what many bags go for in the store. This makes me think the cost of their materials must be <$10. It will be around a long time, it's very well-made. Buy it.
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I went into the office to pick up Walker Chocolate Wax Messenger for 290 (total w/tax) today. decent construction all around I would say, but feels a little cheap on the zippers and some materials they used though.. but I guess finding an attractive messenger for everyday use is hard these days, so... :/ my major problem, though, is that the size of this bag is a bit big.. 12.5 by 15/16.. the same goes with the more expensive messengers (Voldis, Fulton, etc) they carry that people in this thread talk about. Now those were HUGE.. so if you are under 5'8, be prepared to look like an idiot carrying it down the avenue. so all in all, it's a decent bag.. now I'm just contemplating whether or not I should return it because of its size... hmmm
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Have people found the wax to come off on their clothing when using the bag?
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Have the grey Voldis up for sale if anyone was looking for one of these. Link
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emailed you!
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I've had my olive wax twill bag for about 10 months. I use it about every day, wearing it hard. So far it has held up beautifully. These are very solid, well-made bags. I think it is true that the canvas looks better over time. There is no issue with the wax.
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I'm looking for something similar to the Hudson or the Voldis, but does anybody else find that $365 is a bit much for waxed canvas?
Does anyone know of any other alternatives at a more reasonable price? Surely it can't be that hard to find a decent messenger bag that wears in a nice patina while eschewing ostentatious logos?
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property of
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They aren't as well made and aren't as timeless. You can buy one of the EA bags and it will never go 'out of style' because it's just timeless. The construction is superior to P.O. and the design is infinitely more useful. I've had an EA messenger for 2+ years and it is just so incredibly well designed you don't need anything else. The EA messenger is the perfect everyday messenger - it's handsome, versatile and well-constructed.
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anyone have the Mercer Leather bag?

The price is outrageous but it looks great... is it worth the money?
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They have the voldis on for $310 - if you've never used bonobos before, you can use the promo code "facebook40", you get $75 off. For 230, I think the bag is worth it.

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Damn the leather one on Bonobos is nice!
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Originally Posted by stevent View Post

Damn the leather one on Bonobos is nice!

hell yeah, i have been thinking about copping that for awhile.... hmm 200 bucks off retail is hard to pass up. plus bonobos returns policy is great
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can anyone post some of their well worn waxwear bags?
im curious to see how they come out.
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Looking for some help from anyone familiar with Ernest Alexander bags. Received my Walker Messenger (waxed canvas) last week, and noticed a discolouration going around most of the edge of the flap (see picture), which I believe is from the adhesive inside. Everything else about the bag is great, but I was a little disappointed with this feature. I'm in Hong Kong and happened to see a different EA bag in a Club Monaco window, and it also had this discolouration but it wasn't as obvious. The sales attendant inside told that after a while, the discolouration will go away after good use of the bag. Anyone else seen this type of thing on their bag, and was the guy telling the truth? Should I just exchange the bag? I'd only do that as a last resort since I'm in Asia an it would be a hassle

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