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Originally Posted by ma1 View Post
That's damn good service to make a custom bag without a price increase!

Well, the price was just increased for all bags not too long ago, so....
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I am ready to pull the trigger on a bag. Before I do, does anyone have a coupon they can give me? Thanks!
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Finally ordered one of these shits. Most I have spent on a fashion related item. Interetz please tell me I did not get fucked, k?

Ps - Drunk as fuck plus pay pal & Internet is not a good combo, is it?!
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Bonobos has two gray ones for 30% off with coupon code RobSanta. Picked one up for $240 delivered. That link gives you $50 referral credit as well, making it $190 delivered.
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Is that the Grey Voldis? That's what I'm looking for but I can't find it on the site. That's a great deal. Help......Link perhaps?
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Think it's sold out now as it was under the "Bags" section earlier today. That's a great price - bought mine a few months ago and love it.
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Crap.....that always happens. I'll have to keep an eye on the site.
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Missed it. But it appears you can't stack the coupons?
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Looks like Club Monaco is carrying a "limited edition" Voidis. I'm not sure what the difference is, but it's only $298CAD in Toronto. It's awfully tempting...
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Really?!?!?!?!?! That may do the trick. thx
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No willpower what so ever. It appears to be NYC, Toronto, and Vancouver Club Monaco stores only.
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It's back in stock but robsanta went invalid. Bollock-os.
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Not only does RobSanta not work the bag is now $345 just like it is everywhere else. Bullocks indeed.
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It's "bollocks" ;-P ^^^ Weak willpower led to a very nice looking bag! It's dog's bollocks!! Congrats.
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First time poster, I stumbled across this thread while doing research for a new messenger bag, and I have a question for the EA bag owners. I like the Hudson, but being a grad student living who's living off of loans, I don't really have the funds to justify buying such a bag. However, I may turn a blind eye to the price if any of the EA bag owners can attest to their quality. If I buy the bag, I'd like it to last me 5-10 yrs. Is this realistic? I'd use the bag to transport my laptop & books to and from class so the bag would be supporting up to 15 lbs. Thanks.
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