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dammit now I can't afford this shit... really wanted the Voldis for winter....
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Originally Posted by Arms_Akimbo View Post

dammit now I can't afford this shit... really wanted the Voldis for winter....

You could try e-mailing them - they might honor the old price for you.
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If anyone was going to purchase an EA bag in the near future but the price increase had made them reconsider, PM me.
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Holy Carp. That's a huge price increase.
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Add my wow to the list. Those price jumps are huge!
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Originally Posted by Epaulet View Post
You could try e-mailing them - they might honor the old price for you.

I emailed him and he honored the old price with a coupon code at checkout. Ordered the Voldis.
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Has the olive waxwear bag always been there? It seems a lot more browner rather than green.
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Is there an up-to-date coupon code for EA? Thanks! (i'm still on the fence b/t these bags and the Filson 256. Seems the EA is a little more refined, but with a price to match.)
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Though its a big price jump, its nice to know its made in the USA like a Filson. Granted Filson has greater economies of scale.

Does anyone have any interior shots the the EA bag?
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Do you plan on posting in every messenger bag thread?
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EA has several really nice looking belts - almost kopped the blackwatch plaid one.
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I got one of these in November of last year. I can't say enough good about it. Absolutely fantastic quality, wonderful design and service unlike anything you'll find anywhere else. Here's the thing - imagine that you had the time, money and desire to build your own clothing line/accessory line. Doesn't that sound wonderful? Yeah, wouldn't you want people to support you? This man seriously thought about his design, his construction and his wants in a bag. That's the beauty of it - he took his time to design what he wanted and found a construction facility to achieve his goal. The best way I can put it is the urban aesthetic of Jack Spade with all the construction and quality of Filson. It's kind of a "City Filson". Like a previous poster, have met the dude who runs the company and he's just top-notch. I don't know of any bag that is so well constructed and designed. The beauty of this whole package is that, to be honest, it's timeless. It's a classic design with absolutely superb craftsmanship. If you're on the fence about getting one of his products, just do it, you'll love it. The products are great, they come from NYC and the quality of everything is absolutely incredible. I don't work for EA, but I will sing praise for this company as long as is necessary.
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Hello all,

After months of lurking I've decided to post. I thought I'd make this my first. I'd like to first thank the forum for helping me find these bags. I think they really are good looking and well made, as many have observed. I do not think they are too expensive considering the level of quality.

My story is that I liked the general look of the messenger bags, but I was put off by some of the specifics of the design. So I emailed them and asked if any of these could be changed. Somewhat to my surprise, they agreed to make a bag with the modifications I suggested. So I ordered a fulton olive waxwear bag, with these changes: 1) they replaced the brass hardware with nickel 2) they removed the pockets from the sides of the bag, and 3) the removed the handle from the top of the bag. I think it was a bit of trouble for them to do this, but they did not increase the price. My impression is that they were somewhat interested in the idea and wanted to see how it all came out. I don't know if they would be willing to do something similar again.

Anyhow, I received the bag recently and I really like it. Pictures from the workshop are below. It is a large bag as it is, so I think it is better not to have the side pockets. I prefer the nickel hardware because it fits better with everything else I wear. And I definitely like it better without the handle. My feeling is that a bag should be either a briefcase or a messenger, but not try to be both. Other posters have observed that the color of this bag differs somewhat from what you see on the website. Ernest tells me that this is the result of natural variation in the manufacture of the waxed canvas. My bag is greener than the one shown on the web, but I like it. I love the waxed canvas. I think it will age nicely.

It was also my experience that Ernest and colleagues were very helpful and great to interact with. I can definitely recommend this business.

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That's damn good service to make a custom bag without a price increase!
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Simplicio, that is everything that I wanted the Vlodis to be. I think I have to shoot Ernest Alexander an email soon....
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