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Ernest Alexander messenger bags

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Anyone have one of these? I saw them on A Continuous Lean under the American made list of goods. They look like nice casual streetwear bags as an alternative to Filson and others. What do you think? I've always wanted Filson to make their 256 bag in a charcoal or grey. I may snatch up one of these E.A. bags if Filson doesn't.

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I got one (the Balmoral) a couple weeks ago and I like it a lot. They're a tiny shop--I picked mine up from Ernest himself in his office space--and they haven't been around long, so finding stuff online about them is tough. A couple of the features are less than optimal (I've never been a huge fan of buckles on the outside of a bag and the model I have doesn't have a newspaper pocket) but overall it's a well laid-out bag and a lot of the details are fantastic, especially the shoulder strap. Seems to be pretty well made and I really dig the idea that they're sourcing all the materials and making the things entirely in NYC. I don't think you'd be disappointed if you chose it over the Filson; at the very least it's something a little different.
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Finally something in grey. I might grab one.
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This shot gives a good idea of the detail in the leather.

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Really like the bag. I was thinking of getting a Filson, but this might be a good alternative. Not a fan of the strapes though. Kinda of a pain to take on and off.
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So I bought one of these. Here are some pictures. Ernest was first class and sent a personalized email and note with the bag. Great buying experience. /end plug
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Wow, that's presentation, huh?
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I would be all over this if I didn't have my filson already. And if there was a SF discount. lolz
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cool, looks nice. just read an article about the brand in my alumni magazine
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I'm in love, I think that I have to get that brown bag. I was going to get a filson but didn't really love any of the colors. These are AWESOME!
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Beautiful bag. Unbelievable presentation. Good price. Made in New York.

This is pretty fucking close to perfect. They did a great job on this.
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Great looking bag. I'm too lazy /w the buckles.
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I like the clean style. It would be nice if they made one like this but in all leather.
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First-time poster here. Found the site while researching what new bag to get. I'm also looking at the Voldis Waxwear bag and had a question for the Ernest Alexander owners out there. I notice the handle is on the flap itself. Usually, in these cases, the flap pulls up in an unattractive manner when carrying the bag via the handle. Have you noticed anything similar to this? It worries me even more that the handle becomes useless unless the flap is secured with the buckles. If someone could confirm this for me, that would be great.
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That's true. If you're carrying it by the handle and the buckles aren't fastened, the flap will pull up and back while the bag won't hang straight down.
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