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About 6' 1" and 190 lbs. I feel like I am about the ideal height and build. Maybe one inch taller.
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Originally Posted by Stazy
Why is it so weird that you're 5'10? That's the combined average of your parents' height so it doesn't seem that odd to me.

Just to give you hope though, I have a Russian cousin who grew 6 inches after turning 18.

I'm 5'10 and 153 lbs. I got sick last winter and was down to 145 - I was a freakin' skinny bastard untill about 1 month ago

Well, there are plenty of guys who are a few inches taller than their fathers. My mom isn't short at all, I don't see why I'm not taller than my father, I'm not even close.

Growing up til 22, so I've been told, is not that uncommon. After 18, most of the growth plates are closed in the body, but it'll take up to mid-twenties for all the growth plates to be closed.
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6'8" here. One of the few that break the 2m mark here on SF. Not that this would bother you yanks and brits, being stuck with inches and feet. 

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7'1ft here (213cms). Most likely the tallest SF member..

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I'm about 6'3" and still growing at age 25. A "good height" for a man is a height that allows him to see either under a skirt, or down a blouse without too much effort. In between kinda sucks.

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5' and I'm 20. I think 5'5"- 6' is a good height for me but maybe I can't grow up.

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5' 10" and 22


Would prefer to be a bit taller as practically all my friends are 6' and above but it is what it is.

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Dont Worry about it Man even Jackie chan is 5' 8'' and He is Awesome. Why you so Worried? 5' 10'' is Very Good Height.


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For reals! Height doesn't matter. Of course, finding clothes that fit sucks even more for us shorter or taller gents. Funny - I run a website/blog about clothing for men under 5'8", and the other day I found a guy doing the same thing on the other end of the spectrum (therearegiants.com). Nice to see that the clothing industry ignores both extremes and not just us smaller men.

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