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BR Black Captoe Oxfords - good buy?

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I am in need of black captoe dress oxfords and came across these on the Banana Republic website. They are on sale right now for ~ $70. What do you guys think? Think its worth the $70?
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No. No.
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They look decent in the pictures but are probably poorly constructed. What can you get for $70 though? If your budget allows it, it's definitely worth spending more to get something better.
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It's probably glued and the welts are fake.
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In terms of quality of BR shoes, are we looking something along the lines of Kenneth Coles, or worse?
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Take it from a guy who use to wear cheap shoes, save your money and wait until (1) you find a sale and pick up a really good pair or (2) save for next time to buy that really good pair whose sale you just missed. That's how I'm doing it...just me thinking out loud though. If you really need them now, go with your gut.
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not a bad last...
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Surely low quality but they certainly don't look bad for $70...
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Originally Posted by fcuknu View Post
not a bad last...

Yeah, its the last that is making this shoe interesting. I wouldn't mind picking up a pair of AE park avenues, but the higher price + not very sleek is keeping me from doing so...
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What size do you need? Brooks has its Peal captoes on sale for $244, but they're nearly entirely sold out. Might keep an eye out in case of returns.
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$70 is a tough price point, but i'd advise against those. Clarks started making most of BR's shoes about two years ago and they uniformly look and wear like crap. I could certainly recommend stuff at multiples of that, but I'd suggest looking at J. Crew or maybe Cole Haan for at or near a hundo.
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eBay, it is your friend.
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Depends on when you need it. Do you need it for an interview next week? If so, good buy. If not, wait around for a pair of Allen Edmonds on eBay for not a whole lot more. The BR shoes aren't very good quality, but I've seen worse-looking shoes.
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Just a FYI. Despite some of the suggestions, I bought the shoe since I needed something right away. Unfortunately didn't have the time to search/wait for ebay shoes to materialize. Anyway, I just wanted to post actual photos of the shoe. I hope to polish them up and see how they turn out.
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