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In addition, I'd say RLPL's 8-on-4 double-breasted suits from their current season - or last season, I can't keep track anymore - are a breath of fresh air. I'm sure they've been done before, but at the very least, not recently. You can see them here at If you're going to watch the video, turn your speakers off - the 'adult contemporary' guitar loop embedded in the clips has been stuck in my head for days. RLPL's leather goods, though, seem to be completely stuck in the eighties. Super-bulky, too many buckles, too many snaps - does anyone find them the least bit appealing? Cheers, Nick.
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I concede that RL isn't that horrible, it just seems a shame that people run to it as a favourite brand. However, as most people here are American, and America is argueably one of the most conservative democracys around, RL's popularity makes sense. I just wish that they'd at least have a division DO SOMETHING instead of churning out mid to high level boring suits. Oh, sorry. And Velvet Morning Jackets. European Interloper
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Let's face it: the fashion business is a business and therefore its main aim is to sell garments. Clothes are not works of art, to be exhibited in museums and published in books. They appear on peoples back until the owner gets tired of a certain piece or it has fallen to pieces. Ralph Lauren is better at the selling game than almost everybody else. Whether or not European Interloper likes him is irrelevant: the international buying public does and this is all that counts. There only ever have been two designers who have revolutionized men's wear: Pierre Cardin in the 1960s and Giorgio Armani in the 1980s. Everybody else just muddles through, some, like Ralph Lauren, better than others.
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RL has made a mark for himself by providing quality conservative classic styles and I don't think he has ever claimed to do anything else.
What he said. I really like RL for basics. It's good (though nowhere near stellar) quality and relatively affordable. I try to avoid the horse though...
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Good lord. Everybody seems to be hating on Mr. Lauren. I guess since he is so successful and his normal shirts don't sell for $200 that everybody assumes they are complete crap. It's easy to hate successful people, especially those that appeal to a broad range of society, from the middle class to the filty rich. From shirts to pants to bedding most everything I own is Ralph Lauren and I have yet to have anything fall apart on me. Just because certain clothes don't sell for outrageous prices doesn't mean they're garbage.
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I don't think the reason people on this board look down on Polo is because its cheap as much as because its so ubiquitous. Speaking for myself, I love Polo (and Polo Sport and Purple Label - everything except Chaps). I voted for Dolce & Gabbana in this poll but Polo would be a close second. I used to wear it all the time in college, and even now as my buying power and tastes have changed I still wear a decent amount of RL stuff. I buy most of it at the outlet stores and I don't think I've ever had a RL piece disappoint me. I dislike logos in general but I do like wearing the horse - it's nice and subtle, unlike having HILFIGER or PRADA written across your chest. Moreover, the fact that it's so ubiquitous and recognizable actually makes it more appealing. I would feel much more uncomfortable wearing a shirt with a logo or name that 99% of the population wouldn't recognize. It's also nice that they have the one logo and stick to it, unlike brands that switch logos or have multiple logos (i.e. Gucci with the horse bit, the big G, the red and green stripes, etc.)
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Good point on the ubiquitousness of Polo clothes, Bryce.  I didn't consider that factor in my original posting and that might actually be a bigger reason for the lack of positive comments concerning Ralph Lauren.  I think I stand corrected.  Once again, apologies if anybody is offended.
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I dislike logos in general but I do like wearing the horse - it's nice and subtle, unlike having HILFIGER or PRADA written across your chest.  
Only fake/knockoff Prada would have a huge logo on it. Heck, even the real stuff doesn't have the red stripe anymore.
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Ok, ok. I've gotten unfair press here, which largely is my own fault. I don't hate Ralph Lauren. I personally don't like the style of clothing, or the fact that he has stayed relatively unevolved since his creation. However, it must be said that he is a massive market force. He has weathered the fickle fashion world very successfully. I appreciate this. I appreciate that he makes clothes of good quality that are not overly-expensive. Aside from my own style opinions, I hate RL for its pretensions. It pretends to be a fashion house, but lacks all the key characteristics of one- its styles do not change, it is not famous for any of its designers or even, proportionately, for its designs. If it stopped labelling itself as a fashion house, and using the same words as Dior and Gucci to describe their collections, I'd be fine with it. But they maintain this pretension, and this pretension is what leaves me hating RL. European Interloper
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Good point, Europe.  Being a philosophy buff, I can always appreciate people that can back up what they say with sound reasons, even if it is not what people or a certain audience wants to hear.  I definitely respect your opinion and agree with some of what you said. Kevin
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adding to the Polo discussion, I find his fitting is a little 'full'. i find my arms have to be ripping out of the polo's sleeves just to have the underarms [not necessarily the chest, but the Lats area] fitting reasonably. The waste however is fine. [although this has been less of a problem this summer given the popularity of a colorful undershirt casual style] in RL's defense however, I think his resistance to change and lack of innovation has been one of his cornerstone marketing strategies. RL is a Polo [the shirt] company that has consistently provided crisp "˜clean' staples that are kept "˜updated' by trendy colour pallets - look at his year's fluorescent colors.
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RL wins this round. Why? Because he was able to make an entire empire out of an idea. It is the idea of a certain lifestyle (WASP) that is attached to his clothes, which invariably sell his clothes. It is the idea of this 1920's jazz playing, classic Mercedes roadster driving, perfect 3-piece suit wearing, Hollywood glamour, golden age of America, which sells his clothes, especially purple label. Even the purple label sports wear (particularly the cruise items) scream blue blood Americana louder than all the students at Yale University can shout. And guess what? People all over the world mimic this style, and wish to display themselves as owning items by RL, thus the pony logo. Plus, one cannot argue against the pony logo, for does not LV put their logo on everything? How about Burberry? Or even Lacoste? These are not American companies, but nonetheless they do exactly the same thing RL does. But, more people rather have RL than Burberry... Jon.
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RL dosn't claim to be a "fashion house" in terms of Dior and the like, they are in the business of style not fashion. The only constant in fashion is change, whereas style never fades. The RL clothese that came out 10 years ago would still look great and modern if worn today, just as the lines that come out now would look great 10 years ago, or 10 years ahead. Not many companies can boast the same.
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Best value by far...Great Menswear. Suits are made in Italy, with exceptional fabrics. Styling is great, and fits me ( i am hard to fit. ). Sportswear is unique, with great colors and weaves....makes Tommy Bahama look like a rag. chart
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Best value by far...Great Menswear. Suits are made in Italy, with exceptional fabrics.  Styling is great, and fits me ( i am hard to fit. ).  Sportswear is unique, with great colors and weaves... chart
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