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Washing of diesel jeans, etc.

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Hey guys, I just bought a pair of Diesel Ravix jeans and they've gotten a bit dirty. I need to wash them but don't want to mess up the jeans. Any suggestions? Also, I have a few very delicate casual shirts (100% cotton) that I need to wash but prevent from shrinking.
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Jeans can always be machine-washed. Just be sure to use the cold wate cycle. Hang drying will keep the jeans from shrinking and will probably prolong their useful lifetimes. Having said that, the beauty of jeans is that they are meant to be worn a little rough. Good shirts should always be hand-laundered.
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I agree with LA Guy that hand-laundering is the best way to go. But I have gotten equally good results washing high quality cotton shirts on the Delicate cycle, with Cold Wash/Cold Rinse, and then air drying on a plastic hanger.
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I'm paranoid, and for my treated jeans I get them dry-cleaned.
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I'm not too sure about drycleaning. I used to get EVERYTHING drycleaned (Sweatshirts, etc.) and now I'm starting to realize that some things aren't meant to be drycleaned. For example: It says on the tags of all my diesel jeans not to dryclean as well as a pair of dolce and gabbana jeans I own. Also, the salespeople at the mens store I go to say that all "non-delicate" items should be laundered.
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Machine drying is more taxing on washable clothes than machine washing. A gentle cycle wash and hang drying usually works for me with cotton shirts. As for jeans, I dry (and sometimes wash) them inside-out if I'm concerned about any treatment on the denim.
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This is good to know. Thanks.
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As everyone else is already saying I machine wash my Diesels inside out in the delicate cycle if specially dyed, on cold/cold. The thing I do different is to throw them in the dryer after I let them air dry. I do this because they get all stiff if you just let them air dry and the dryer softens them up. Their is no risk of them shrinking from this since the cotton is no longer wet, but you may want to watch out if they are coated (not just dye treated) for that may come out. The thing about clothes is that there is no one best way to clean them since it depends on each individual garment. Some clothes shouldn't be cleaned with the perc and are best left to be washed. Then there are even those items that can't be cleaned at all. Just use your best judgment.
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