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Pete' Fashion?

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Visited a talior in this coat and he confrimed for me the fabric was a very high end cashmere but that he didn't know anything about the maker, though it had unique details, ie the working buttons and what he called a european style cut of the lining. Anyone know anything about Pete' Fashions or what this kind of coat may cost?

note: The pattern matching on the pocket flaps is perfect when worn, it was thrown a bit askew when laid down.
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Pete's Fashions is a tailor located in Tsim Sha Tsui on the Hong Kong mainland. I've actually had it recommended to me a couple of times before, but haven't been back to Hong Kong lately, so I haven't tried them myself. I would imagine prices are comparable to a lot of the HK makers.

IIRC, their premises are directly above a Spaghetti House.
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one thing about these asian tailors, their names needs some improving. some of them sound like tailors in some western whiskey town.
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