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Last one.
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Originally Posted by Nick M

I think you can get 'em at Zappos.

Where Eagles Dare - is the Misfits song where you get your name?

Lately I've enjoyed walking up to people wearing Misfits clothing and saying "Quick! What's your favorite Misfits song?!" Most people can't give you anything - in fact, one girl asked who the Misfits were.

Ah, and here's the checker-skull version:

Ask them their favorite Metallica song and they'll probably say "Last Caress" or "Green Hell"
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Originally Posted by where eagles dare
I appreciate all of the feedback. I know flashy skate shoes are not everyone's cup of tea. I figured there would be some here that might appreciate this sort of thing Though.
I wanted to try this at the trad forum first, just to see if they would threaten to strangle me with their rep ties!

though certainly branded by surfers and skateboarders, i would tend to classify old school and slip on vans more as a classic american sneaker than as a "flashy skate shoe" regardless of the more flashy colorways and limited editions or their association with surf and skate culture. i think those two models of vans have about as much business being classified as a skateboarding sneaker as hi-top chucks have being called a basketball sneaker. a pair of dark, solid, slip on vans could easily be matched with a pair of khaki shorts and a stripped polo at any howell's yacht club just as easily as with a pair of dirty jeans and a bad brains t-shirt. when i think of a pair of skate shoes that most people on this board (from my months of lurking) would find offensive it would be the more bulky, made for "function" (as if that really means anything anymore) skate shoes like dc, emerica, es, adio, etc. that have been adopted as street wear by the pacsun, hot topic, type crowd. old school and slip on vans will always be classic street wear for people who like to keep it more subtle.

and people, c'mon, if you're gonna try and clown people for wearing clothes with "the misfits skull" not knowing who the misfits are, at least have the smarts to refer to it as the crimson ghost.
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The username comes from The Misfits and to a lesser degree; Shakespeare. My favorite Misfits songs are: Where Eagles Dare (obviously) and Hollywood Babylon. I can't really see myself wearing the Misfits slip-ons as much as I like them. Speaking of Bad Brains: I have a boat (j24) named "Sailin' On" it's our theme song before each class race. I WOULD rock a crimson ghost flag: but I have to settle for this one:
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I like 3 and 7. And "Hybrid Moments."
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Made the order today: went w/ #5 and #7. Thanks all!
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