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Van laack

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Does anybody know about the shirt brand Van Laack? If so what is the quality, and cut of these shirts? I think they are of a German origin.
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They run the gamut from worthless J Crew-esque garbage with sewn-in collar stays to some decent ready-to-wear. Among northern European ready-to-wear shirts, I prefer Jacques Britt, who also do the shirts sold under Wolfgang Joop's Joop. label. Peace, JG
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Sewin collar stays
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What exactly are sewn in collar stays? Are they sewn into the collar or what? Also if shirts have these are they considered of a lower quality? Thank you.
Yep, they're collar stays that are not removable from the collar, either sewn or (more likely) glued in. They present obvious problems when attempting to iron collars. And if they get a kink in them, the collar is permanently ruined. No halfway-decent shirt will have them. Peace, JG
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I did some recent 3 shirts purchases from Van Laack...all smart casual shirts.


I cannot comment quality after use cause they are still new. However I like their pattern and the fabriques look really good.


They have different fits, that vary really highly, however the fit is a very subjective area and differs from a person to another.


I believe this brand is growing, the acquired the highly esteemed Herringbone brand from Australia and Jacque Britt from UK..for me this is a good move and they will make use of more know how and styles.


They are not cheap shirts, but they can compare to more expensive brands and stand strong


Personally I recommend Van Laack..

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Wow, amazing necro-bump. That was almost ten years ago.
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Lufthansa used to give their First Class passengers a nice Van laack Polo style shirt. Now they give Van Laack pajamas.
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they're repackaging this brand here in asia as some high-end brand. still crap from what i've seen.
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A couple of years ago my mother discovered the delights of TKMaxx (UK version of TJMaxx), and insists on buying me awful crap from there for christmas and birthday presents, despite my protestations. I've never set foot in one myself, but judging by these gifts, their stock consists largely of Van Laack shirts. They go straight to charity on the whole - less objectionable ones that fit make it for gardening wear.
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