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Actually, the largest market for automatic Ferrari's is the USA.

From reading your post, you probably mean a semi-automatic transmission where the computer controls the clutch (I think Ferrari calls it F1 or something) instead of the usual slushbox/torque converter system? I'd be very surprised if F. made slushbox cars. Cars of both types have paddle shifters, so that's not a distinguishing feature between the two kinds of transmissions anymore.

Getting a semi-automatic transmission isn't as shameful as getting a slushbox, since there isn't the usual power loss, and they're usually more responsive, and properly downshift, though some new slushboxes do rev-matched downshifts these days. Ironically, the BMW E60 M5 and M6 both come only with SMG (BMW's semi-auto xmission), except for the US, where a manual shifter will be an option for some Luddites. That's a car in which to get the semi-automatic, because the gearbox and engine were optimized for a semi-automatic. The manual shifter will be a downgrade.