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NBA Offseason Thread - Update: Rasheed Wallace to Boston

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Just to keep everything organized.

It is no surprise but:

Griffin top pick in NBA draft

The Los Angeles Clippers selected Oklahoma's Blake Griffin as the top pick in the 2009 NBA draft.

"It's great to know exactly where I'm going and it is set in stone," Griffin said on ESPN.

The 6-10, 248-pound forward averaged 22.7 points and 14.4 rebounds in earning national player of the year honors as a sophomore at Oklahoma.

Other news:

Lakers sold 29th pick to the Knicks.
Shaquille O'neal Traded Celeveland Ben Wallace and Sasha Pavlovic.
Vince Carter traded to Orlando for Alston, Battie and Lee.
Richard Jefferson traded to San Antonio Spurs.


Jamal Crawford being dealt to the Atlanta Hawks.
Wade waits for a move from the Heat before signing extension.
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Oh my god. The Wizard's trade just got worse. Ricky Rubio went 5th. Seriously Washington is cursed.
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jamal crawford trade was already confirmed
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not really anything to do with trades, but Yao Ming will be out indefinitely due to his fractured foot not healing at all. can be all the way through a good portion of next season.

i feel sorry for this guy, i think due to his immense size and weight, his feet and lower limbs cant keep up with the toil he puts his body through. i think this is a big reason why he plays so daintily all the time.
i foresee him retiring prematurely, unfortunately.
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picks 2-4 are epic fails. sam bowie level not so much, but pretty awful
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rubio would have been great on oklahoma city holy shit! knicks made a good pick
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would have bet a testical that bird would take tyler.
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while i like flynn, i can't understand why you pick him when you've got rubio with the previous pick. would have liked to see stephen curry or demar derozan at the 5th pick.
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because rubio is going to the knicks via trade for david lee (who hill will replace) and some other junk and 2010 #1 pick
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And the big white guy goes to the Pacers.
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Originally Posted by thekunk07 View Post
would have bet a testical that bird would take tyler.
I wouldn't bet a nut because I wouldn't know what to do with it if I won. The hell would you have done if you got another testical out of that? Surprised Rubio went this high. I expected him to slide a LOT more. Also, this austin daye kid moved up a few spots, wasn't expecting that either. edit: now that detroit has another overthin wingman, they can trade their two overthin wingmen to the celtics for an overthin PG and jesus...
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^ OK City whiffed on that pick. Rubio, Green, and Durant would have made one of the best backcourts in the league. And what the fuck was with Minnesota taking three point guards?
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slightly off-topic but i'll ask anyway. what are the rules governing lebron james' leaving cleveland? from what i gather his contract is over after next season and then he can go wherever he wants? people seem to be talking as though he will end up in new york, but do they have some sort of inside track to sign him or can any team offer him a contract? i ask because kobe bryant is getting old, and i think his performance this year showed that he peaked as a player last year or the year before that. i'd like to see the lakers move for lebron james but i haven't seen or heard anyone discuss this. is there anything keeping them from going after lebron?
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How did you guys like that counter? Orlando countered the Cavs by trading for half -man half- amazing, Vince Carter.

My Hornets really need to get in the mix. They re just too soft. CP3 cant do it alone.
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I actually like the trade for Carter from Magic. Atleast they are not sitting still.

Surprised Dallas hasn't made any moves..oh that's right..they suck.
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