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Originally Posted by rmanoj View Post
I'm actually wearing one now ( ). It was my first ever suit - got it when I was 16 (will be 20 in May) before I knew anything about clothes. It's a charcoal 3-button and I think it still fits quite well (might be a bit on the tight side) and looks OK (trousers need pressing). I put it on today to find out what sort of condition it was in, and then realised why I hardly ever feel like wearing it: the coat is very stiff and uncomfortable compared to my woollen ones. I'm not sure if that applies to all poly/wool blends though.

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So, what's the deal with wool/poly or wool/cotton blend fabric for an odd jacket or sport coat in lieu of wearing a cardigan? I am trying to get the same comfortable out of a cardigan but still have the same aesthetic as a jacket. Most soft unstructured jackets seem to be more on the blended material end versus 100% of one type.

Does this come down to personal taste, or is a general rule of thumb to stay away from blends regardless of how one intends to wear their clothes. Again, for me I am prioritizing comfort and fit, then aesthetic.
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Looks bad equals looks bad. More than a tiny amount of exterior polyester is likely to make an odd jacket look cheap. Also, with enough polyester, the jacket won't be very breathable. The likely reason many unstructured jackets are blends is because they're low-end items made for casual use. Wool/cotton would be much better than wool/polyester.
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Depends from the blend.

I'm not a fan,but a blend 25% polyester/75% wool is comfortable and breathable,especially if loose weave.



About Savile Row (Huntsman and Poole) and "miracle fabrics:

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Originally Posted by rnoldh View Post
Originally Posted by superfans124 View Post
you already know the answer

+1, I fully agree

But I've always wondered why certain makers ( Like ARMANI ) seem to always have 3% of polyester or elasthane in their suiting fabrics?

Is it because they are so cost conscious that they save a great deal for the entire production run by using that 3% of a synthetic?

You never see makers like Kiton, Brioni, or Oxxford using synthetics in their fabrics ( or at least I don't ).

I remember reading an interview with Giorgio Armani where the interviewer asked him that same question. His response was that he likes the way poly drapes....when used in a blend I'm assuming.

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Originally Posted by lasbar View Post

You can wear a light wool suit and get the lightness and the wear of a mix suit...
They might be a tad more solid but it makes your suit a bit more shiny and cheap..
Do not do it...


Dumb question here, but isn't the goal of wool to have a sheen to it as well? 


I can understand the comfort and temperature regulation issue but really and truly isn't the astetic a matter of personal choice since some textiles seek to achieve the very same effect? 

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