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Originally Posted by BeauDiddley View Post

I dealt with Andy Hira when he visited Dublin, Ireland. Very good salesman - not pushy like other travelling tailors - very keen to assess exactly what the custome would like and 'tailor' accordingly. Really good selection of cloths, measured up well. Took about six weeks, I think, all in all. Good results and more than happy to do minor alterations when I collected. Quality was very good indeed, but not a great deal cheaper than the few local tailors who work in the continuum between MTM and bespoke and with whom it's easier to build a rapport. But all in all, well worth a try - very genuine firm with high standards (full canvassing and all the other fripperies to which we're addicted).

Have dealt with Shane Hira when he was touring Canada. Roughly similar experience but Shane was not willing to do the alterations. Quality was fine but since I have to use my local tailor for final fitting, I might as well maintain the relationship and give them the business next time. I suspect that final fitting is a problem for all the itinerant tailors when they are touring the colonies.


Am editing this to be fair:  My local tailor tells me that the final adjustments are really minor (as Shane said) and the quality is very very good.

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I've read quite decent reviews of them here. Seems a good enough tailor.

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A 1-poster corroborated by a 2-poster? Hmm... spam[1].gif
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Ahh... not every low-count poster is a spambot, contrary to what seems to be an extremely popular opinion around here.


That said, I'd like to take this opportunity to make my first post after months of lurking, just so that if any of my *next* posts are commentary on quality, rather than (the admittedly far more likely act of) complimenting Spoo, thanking Man of Lint, or gawking at somebody's Vass chukkas, I am not instantaneously regarded as a spambot. Thank you, and good night. ;)

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I don't know about Prince Henry but my advice is to steer clear of the lot of them unless you are shaped like Quasi Modo, can't afford your own personal tailor and have absolutely no other option.


I have just received a suit from "Suitopia" and what a mess.


Suitopia, have a Swedish address and a great, well designed website with heaps of material choices. I sent for a complete range of swatches, (10 British Pounds). Most of them duly arrived and I picked a Super 180s Cashmere Wool which was quite expensive, ($US645.00) and sent off my suit order with my credit card details. 


I was very careful with my measurements and even checked them against other clothes that fit perfectly - well what a waste of time that was as they totally ignore your measurements and give you what they think you need. Three weeks later the suit arrived from Viet Nam and was immediately quarantined by New Zealand Customs. After providing proof identity and payment details it was released - if I new then what I know now I would have left it in customs.


Nothing fit - the actual measurements were between 3 and 5 centimeters smaller than the measurements I supplied and I looked like the fall guy in a vaudeville act. The shoulders were 3 centimeters smaller, the arms 3 centimeters shorter and it was baggy around the waist. Trouser length was OK, but 5 centimeters bigger around the waist than I am, they were so tight around the crotch I am in grave danger of losing my breeding ability and the zip is cheap plastic.


In summary Min Ahn the tailor from Binh Duong Province in Vietnam is absolutely useless and should be avoided like the plague. The fact that you are dealing with, what appears to be reputable Scandinavian Tailors is totally misleading the guy making your bespoke suit is an illiterate scissor hand from some back street outfit in Vietnam. I am rightfully angry at the complete rip off more so when the waybill valuation was $140.00 for a product I paid $640.00 for. - BEWARE

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I would avoid both of those (as indicated PH and Online are the same) , Ravis is simply dreadful and their is much criticism.

Is there no local tailor you could try or alternately Gordon Yao is considering going to Australia next year.
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I am very unhappy to have this as my first post on this wonderful site- but I am sorry, I am very disappointed with the garment received from Ravis Tailor.


The garment fits as though cut for a much bigger man, feels hard and unpleasant to the touch, and the trousers are coming apart at the seams around the 'you-know-where'.


The only good thing that came from this experience is that it quickly led me to do more research on tailored to fit suits, menswear, style- which ULTIMATELY led me to discover



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It is a grand illusion to think that an overseas online tailor will make you a nice suit. In my prior life, I tried them with the same result over and over again- they churn out utter garbage. It's like asking them to make a nice car from cardboard. They will never say no, but you won't be able to drive it. For anything even remotely acceptable you need a 2nd fitting and not less than $1,000 (and, realistically, much more than that for anything really nice).
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Originally Posted by talon View Post

A few of the online tailors have a visiting tailor coming to sydney

So I'm looking to choose between them

Who I am currently looking at they are very inexpensive which raises the questions of cheap quality and service. Not sure when they are coming to Sydney but I'd like to know about them

If there are any good places that have a visiting tailor which are coming to Australia

And have a good reputation feel free to add

When getting my suits through Rundles the tailors were amazed at unaverage body when taking measurements. I really don't fit the standard sizes they just look bad even with alterations

Basically what this means is end up getting custom made for anything important

Although these do fit very nicely and feel great they are expensive

I'd rather pay for a expensive quality suit that lasts then end up with a bad cheap suit

But if I can get a quality suit for a good price I will. Small point I've heard people complain about suits being too fine and wearing out way too fast. I don't want that

Although I now have my measurements from my recent fittings I still prefer to meet with the tailors if just to choose fabric and colour types suit style ,and all the custom accessories

I probably get some shirts blasers, sports coats and pants as well while I'm there

If anyone has had experience negative or positive please share your valued wisdom

Small note

I tip my hat to the Nakhel shirtmakers in Sydney. They were very professional when I had my shirts done with them. Nice collection of fabrics and colours and the price is very reasonable for the quality

thanks guys

All crap - avoid.
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Originally Posted by GBR View Post

All crap - avoid.


Online MTM is only suitable for shirts and maybe pants.
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It's no bull. I have been buying my suits from princhenry, mysuitshop, excellentsuits etc. for years..After my first suit from them, I will never buy off-the-rack again for dress/business attire.  It was exactly what I asked for down to the smallest detail! The only thing I'm concerned about is my credit card.  So I use a seperate card for that and I get new cards every 6-8 months.

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post #11 of 11 & are one & the same ROTTEN outfit.  Ravi, the master tailor who looks like a frog, is a dishonest & incompetent man.  He measured the suit jacket 2 inches short, made the pant bottoms too big--this after I went thru the measurements with him three times.  After the suit arrived & I informed him he asked me to mail the suit back to him in Thailand for corrections.  I paid $40 to ship it & he returned the damn suit without fixing it.  Now he says he can't fix the jacket.  But if you read the terms & conditions of the contract, he is supposed to replace the jacket that he hasn't done.  MYCUSTOMTAILOR.COM MUST BE AVOIDED like the plague. if you VALUE your hard earned money.  In fact Thailand tailor have to be avoided like the plague.  Go to Hong Kong or Shanghai where they honor their word & if you are dissatisfied they will remake the suit to please you.  NOTE also that Ravistailor & Mycustomtailor do not identify the fabric quality on the inside of the jacket--largely because what material you pick at the time of ordering they switch it at delivery time.  Lousy workmanship. Robi

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