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Store brands

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As cost may at times prohibit the purchase of a full designer name-brand wardrobe, I was curious as to which store brands you find to be good quality and good style. Personally, I tend to buy a lot of basics in the Roundtree & York brand from Dillards. Stuff like denim shirts, golf sweater vests and basic khakis are items that I have purchased in the past year or so. I also have two beautiful wool sportcoats that are branded Confezioni Riserva, Luciano Franconi (I think) - also from Dillards and a great double breasted wool suit from Debenhams Department Store in England. Other examples of what I am referring to include Club Room by Macy's, Stafford by J.C. Penney and Brandini at Robinson's-May. What do you like and what would you recommend? Bradford
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I find that Barney's Co-op branded clothing is a good value, especially come sale time. Leather jackets, in particular, while not cheap at ~$600-800 retail, are considerably cheaper than the designer alternatives, which often start at ~1200, and hit the stratosphere from there. In addition, I find that the Co-op styles are often better than the bland styles offered by traditional men's clothiers and more traditional designers. Brioni, for example, puts out some god-awful (and expensive.) outerwear every winter season. Zegna leather and suede jackets often seem to be studies in boredom (oh, great, another take on the Harrington jacket), and I get nauseous every time I see another Armani Black Label or Collezioni leather blazer. But I digress. To summarize: Barney's Co-op - terrific for those who eschew the French blue shirt with pleated khakis combination.
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Second Barney's Co-op, and to add one more, Harrod's epon. label. I have several polo shirts from them that have held up better than any other polo shirts in my closet. (All of them are 3-4 years old.) They even have some decent shirts. Besides that, though, I've always had better luck at single-marque stores (Banana, Sisley, Zara, etc.) than with dep't store house-brands. Often, the clothes are more interesting, and sales are much better. Peace, JG
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I was wondering if anyone knew who is licensed to produce Louis Boston's store brand men's suits? I just got a great deal on a new SB black pinstripe super 120s suit,and was curious what sort of construction I should expect (e.g. fused vs sewn canvas lining etc).
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Nearly every Louis Boston store-brand suit I have seen has been made by Saint Andrews. Which is to say VERY high quality. But I haven't seen any suits from Louis that were made within the last 1-2 years so I can't say for sure. A while back they did a line called "Louie" which was tailored by Isaia. I've only managed to get my hands on two of them. I wish I could find more - the cut is extremely elegant. Email me a picture of the size/content label when you get the suits and I should be able to tell you exactly who made it.
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