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some style advise for my hair cut ?

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My hair is usually cut by my mother but I don't like it at all, so I think I may have a new hair cut.

But honnestly I don't know what hair cut can fit for me. I shaved it once but that also was a pretty terrible thing to see.
Can you give me please some advice about this, I would be very grateful.

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The good news - you have good thick hair and have a number of style options from which you can choose. The bad news - it's quite possible your mom is Stevie Wonder. Perhaps have a look at Ed Westwick's hair style. It might work for you. Or Google "Men's Hairstyles" and find a look which resonates with you. Print out the pic and take it to your hair stylist when you go. This is very important to avoid any misunderstandings. Don't leave it to verbal directions.
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Looks pretty decent in the 3rd photo actually
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Yea, it's not horrible, but she didn't layer it very well. Just tell Mom you wanna be a big boy now and go get your haircut done by a professional.

#4 shaved on the sides, rounded back, ~1/2 inch cut off and "cleaned up."

Then get yourself some promade (Something like this: and experiment using it (a little goes a long way) to find a desired look.

You do seem to have good hair though.
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