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The Neverending Story...

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Yep, this thread is actually about the movie (I haven't read the book)...

I'm 22, so this movie was released when I was a young scrapper. I have fond memories of watching it MANY times. But I don't remember why I liked it...

Recently I found it available for free on Comcast's "on demand" movie listings and just had to watch it again...and I was blown away! What a great movie! Man what a trippy, crazy, funny, and even intelligent movie it was.

You don't expect a movie so popular with children to be so entertaining for adults. I can think of only one other childrens movie (also a favorite of mine when I was a kid) that being "The Princess Bride"...

Its nice when a movie can bring back childhood memories and still be a movie that has a great, funny, and interesting plot you don't recollect. Its like seeing a movie that you have seen countless times before, but strangely for the first time...

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the big dog creeps me out. i used to have a crush on the princess when i was a kid. i still have the theme song on my hard drive.
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Obligatory Simpsons quote: "This is the greatest case of false advertising I've seen since I sued the movie The Never Ending Story."
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Ever seen the episode of Family Guy when they parody NVS by having Peter ride on the big dog, but he was too heavy? LMAO. God, I love that show.

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Agreed, loved that movie. It's worth finding a copy of the book for a couple of bucks and taking a weekend to read it. Kind of like candy-coated Tolkein.

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I can't say I was ever a fan of that movie. I still watch the Princess Bride to this day though, it makes me feel good inside. I never saw that one until I was older, but now I have a bit of a Christopher Guest fetish.
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