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What kind of glasses frames are in 'style' now? I am considering a change and I always pick the wrong ones it seems. The ones I have now are ok, but seem to be crooked on my face. Or maybe my face is just crooked, who knows. I'd like the kind that make me look the smartest of course. Suggestions?
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Dorky emo glasses.
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Are those the black plastic framed ones? They don't look so bad actually.
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If you have the face for it, I like matte silver ovals.
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i have these gucci frames:

and i have never gotten more compliments. i love them (except for the shoddy finish quality. i had sent back 1 pair)
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javyn: Yes, they are. I actually like them because they look fine on pretty much everyone, but no one actually takes them seriously anymore because of their associations with mopey band members with bad haircuts.
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i wear these, Dolce & Gabbana 'DG370', they make me look smart:

i also have a pair of the aforementioned thick black plastic frames by Mikli (actually Mikli par Mikli). it's kindof a dated look i think.

if i ever buy frames again, i might get some real natural horn rims, or maybe some vintage tortoiseshells.

but truthfully, i want to get the surgery.

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Andrew, those D&Gs are great. Just enough of the '50s NASA vibe but a totally relevant shape. Everyone I know who's been under the laser has loved it.

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I have to say if i didnt love my current pair, i would get a laser cut pair from ichi-berlin or similar

so light!
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Personally I go for frameless glasses. But then glasses with frames or clipons tend to give me headaches.
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I suggest trying to find the best eyeglass shop you can afford and ask for suggestions. There are a lot of eyeglasses that look great in a case but not once they're on you, and a lot that you might pass over which actually would look great on you.

A good shop will match frames to face, skin tone, eye color, personality.
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I like frames made by Lindberg; I posted some pics here. Not sure if they're "in style" as such though.
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I love glasses. At present, I wear these Prodesigns:

In the matte black. They frame the face very nicely.
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I have a pair of Lunors. Rimless with rectangular lenses.
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I happen to be liking tortoiseshell glasses at the moment. They look classy and understated. I'm having trouble finding one that has the right proportions though, as I don't want it too square (emo) or too round (old man.)
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