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You can get covered buttons made out of anything if you have the cloth.

Originally Posted by Manton View Post
Fitting today. Looking good.

Decided on black facings. The one midnight example looked too "blue" and contrasted from the cloth more than the black. Plus, the one I chose was a nice complex pattern of alternating wide and narrow ribs which (to me) looked better than the more common grosgrain with row after row of identical ribs.

Unfortunately, no one makes buttons covered with that fancy silk I chose, so I have to get regular grosgrain covered black buttons. I could have gotten, again, black or blue, but chose black.

The trousers' outseams will have a fancy black braid that I liked a lot. The blue silk ribbon was even "bluer" than the blue facings and would have looked really off.

The coat will have the foo button stance, with the fastening probably a bit higher than his, but still below my natural waist. Two show buttons, and no lower buttons, so 4x1.

Fire away, h8ers. I am happy with my choices.
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Originally Posted by Manton View Post
Do you realize that you have, just today, twice claimed to be ignoring me? Are you one of those pathological liars so deep in his own madness that you can't even remember what you said an hour ago?

Moo has me on ignore but responds directly to my posts and quotes me. I think it's a sign of e-love.
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I have myself on ignore. Which should be obvious to everyone since I never know what I am saying.
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Originally Posted by mafoofan View Post
Don't hide from truth or inevitability. They will catch up with you, no matter how much extra movement your double vents allow.

Quite so.
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Originally Posted by Manton View Post
Never had one of these. My DJ is RTW (Paul Stuart, 1999). It is an odd size (41XL) so it fits me reasonably well as RTW goes, but not spectacularly. The button stance is low, the lapels are satin, and the pockets have flaps (which I tuck in). The cut is passable but hardly all that elegant.

I can count on wearing a DJ two times a year, and sometimes more. One the one hand, that is not much. On the other hand, 2x+ per year for the next 20 years is something like 50 wearings, which is ... still not much. But it might be nice to finally have something great to wear on those occasions. I have never calculated how much I actually wear other garments, but I will bet that some of them that I absolutely love don't get out much either.

Every time I have contemplated this in the past I have not done it -- opportunity cost is just too great. But now I am thinking that perhaps -- finally -- every other conceivable base is covered, and so it is time.


I have a Paul Stuart Tuxedo I purchased in 1965.
Last time I wore it was 2002. It still looks good
in an Ivy League sort of way. I wear (wore) it
with a silk vest. At the same time I bought
an off white silk pleated shirt. Very understated.
I still have it, but it no longer fits. Bodies change.
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