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Originally Posted by cheessus View Post
I have the gut feeling that it's gonna be a Fed-Roddick final (see the first post).

It is one thing to chase history in a final against a Soderling at the FO and another thing against a Roddick at Wimbledon. Soderling at the FO was a once in a career thing, I'm sad to say. And it is on his worst surface nonetheless. For Federer, the pressure was all about getting to the finals.

Here against Roddick, Federer is playing him on his best surface arguably. And though he has some ridiculous record against him, like 12-2, Roddick has always played him close and tough, especially in Wimbledon. Don't let the fact that Federer has beaten him 3 times at here in straight sets twice, I believe, fool you. Roddick is playing better now than before, while Federer is playing worse than before. And with this added pressure, Wimbledon seems ripe for Roddick to steal.

But first he has to get past Murray, which may make this whole post useless. Anyway, I give him a 50% chance to win. He has to attack more by serving and volleying. If he tries to initiate rallies with Murray he will get swept. He's probably going to have to serve 30+ aces, but that's totally within the realm of possibility for him. My only worries are that Roddick is still tired from his match with Hewitt and that he may get mentally derailed if the first set doesn't end well. The crowd will be pretty respectful in my opinion because the Brits really like him, but will turn on him quickly if he loses his cool.

I hope that this is gonna be epic.

Uhh, let's not forget that Federer is the best grass court player ever (according to many including Sampras). Roddick has a far less complete game than Federer. It wouldn't be nearly as good a match as if it were Murray and Fed.
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^^^True, but Roddick is the second best grass court player, if we are just going to look at grass court records for the past couple of years. I guess the closest thing would be analogizing the Nadal-Federer clay court matchup. Clearly Nadal is the superior clay court player and Federer is a distant second. But even then, sometimes Federer beats Nadal, like in Hamburg last year and this year in Madrid (both finals), while other times getting demolished like in the FO finals last year. Either way, they both play each other pretty tough. I admit though that Roddick is worse than Nadal, but I'm not entirely convinced that Nadal is a better grass court player, especially when Wimbledon is playing like a freaking clay court tourney. BTW: don't sleep on Haas.
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Originally Posted by cheessus View Post
I'm not entirely convinced that Nadal is a better grass court player, especially when Wimbledon is playing like a freaking clay court tourney.
Grass is dead unfortunately. But then, it does produce better matches in its current state. Nadal is still way better than Roddick in any major.
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Roddick is playing great tennis. I'd be happy to see him upset the table and go all the way at Wimbledon. I don't see it happening, though. Both Murry and Fed have more adaptable and creative games than Roddick does. Fed is not the same Fed that wobbled and lurched through the FO, his head's in a different place and his tennis is way more solid.
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Tough call here - I don't know who to root for. I'd really like to see poor Andy (Roddick) win a title, but I just don't think it can happen against Roger. Fed just absolutely owns him, feels good playing him, and Andy just doesn't have it.

So I sort of have to root for Murray here. I like him too, just have a soft spot for Roddick.

Bottom line though is that I can't stand Fed, and want him to lose. I'm just a Federer hater.
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Roddick is playing amazing tennis...2 points from winning 3rd set.
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plot thickens with a 3rd set tie break
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AROD is playing out of his mind right now.
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4th set tie break 6-5 Roddick match point! EDIT: OVER! Poor brits.
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I Told You So!
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Roddick looks like he has destiny on his side.

BTW: Good news for U.S. tennis! We are tearing up the boy's tournament so our future isn't bleak.
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It's going to be a good final. I am going for Roddick simply because he's the under dog.
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Oh well, Murray is still young, I'm sure there are good things in store for him.

The final should be good, I'll be rooting for Roddick.
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I never fully expected Roddick to make it this far.

But I had a gut feeling that it would be a "old person's" final, meaning either Federer-Hewitt or Federer-Roddick.

Roddick is playing his best tennis ever. His shots are ridiculously solid.
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