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Yeah, I think that point's been made.

Murray just went through..
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I'm happy for Haas. But what the fuck is Roddick doing?!?! This should've been a straight sets beatdown.
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I dunno if I'm on a bit of a delay here but right now it's 2 all in the fifth and this match has exceeded expectations. What defense from Hewitt!
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Nice win for Roddick. I'm happy for them both.
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Me too. Hewitt is so tough when matches go to five sets. It bodes well for Roddick that he could stay strong for this win. Really looking forward to the semis.
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I swear to god if I have to hear ESPN cut in with that fucking Green Day song one more time I will punch the nearest person in his or her throat.
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I haven't seen the match, because of international times etc, but the Hewitt-Roddick match sounded like a good one from the articles. I'm glad Roddick got through.

Slightly surprised that Haas beat Djokovic, but not overly. As mentioned earlier, Djokovic isn't playing as well as has in previous years.

So, what are the predictions for the Finals?

Roddick vs Murray.

Federer vs Haas.

I'm calling finals to be Federer vs Murray. I think a Roddick v Federer would be an anti-climatic game to end the Tournament on, Fed always crushes Roddick.
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Like much of the world, I'm betting it's Federer v. Murray. If not then I'd like to see Roddick v. Haas.

I don't want to see a Federer / Roddick final either. Roddick obviously has a big game when he plays well but it matches up poorly against Federer regardless.
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Roddick v Haas would be good. Maybe they could play an exhibition match for us?
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Originally Posted by Lachy View Post
Roddick v Haas would be good. Maybe they could play an exhibition match for us?

Ha, they should have a third place match.
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Note that I tipped Haas to go through against Djokovic - just a thought:-)

Final - Federer has had some hard games against Haas in the past but is in supreme form and is confident so should go through.

Murray should go through against Roddick but has loads of pressure on him so will be interesting how he copes if Roddick can take the first set.
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Fed vs Murray will be epic

The crowd is gonna go f'ing nuts over that one

I'm rooting for Murray winning it all
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I know, the UK loves Federer almost as much as Murray. It'll be special if they meet in the final.

Venus just raced out of the gates against Safina, already at 5-1 in the first set....
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Ugh. Venus is leading Safina 6-1, 3-0 (two breaks). Can a player be considered #1 if she lays a goose egg in the Grand Slams?
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Not in any meaningful way other than numbers run through formulas.

She's such a head-case in slam finals and she knows it. I actually feel bad for her, everyone's going to be shaking their head at this (except for the Williams family).
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