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Originally Posted by SField View Post
Definitely Murray-Fed final.

I'd be surprised if Roddick made it to the semis.

Federer has two tough matches coming up. Soderling on grass should be able to take a set off Fed and put the pressure on him by taking one or two other sets to tiebreakers. Federer's QF opponent are also big servers and big forehand hitters. Karlovic is gonna drop at least 25-30 aces, and Verdasco is another Soderling-type player. And then in the SF, he possibly has Djoker who hasn't been playing too well this year, but always plays Fed tough.

Murray has a super easy road to the finals. The only person in his way is Roddick, but Berdych has been playing lights out and is very under-the-radar right now.
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ROger's match wasn't as close as the score may suggest. Seemed like he was on cruise control, keeping energy in reserve for when it is really needed.

Playing Centre Court with the roof closed is odd.
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Actually, I thought it was a little closer than the score suggests. The score shows Roger swept it in three, suggesting easy passage, but Soderling played well and pressured Roger to the end. Roger was never in trouble, per se, but Solderling had the tie-break of the last set in his hands, only to make two crucial unforced errors (double fault and the driving of an easy forehand wide). If Solderling had converted one or two crucial points, they would have gone to a fourth set. As it was, it was a service battle.
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Anyone else see Roger Federer is using a purse?

Now I know and understand it takes a lot for European men to do something effeminate by their standards, but surely this is too much, no?
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^^^Yeah his get up this year is pretty whack. I kinda dug the cardigan last year, but liked the white blazer the best.

Whenever an outfit is described as militaristic, I immediately think gay Nazi. I dunno why.
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It's a tennis bag. I never understand the people focussing on what everyone is wearing... who gives a fuck. Murray - Wawrinka match was awesome. I was rooting for Stan to pull it out at the end once he broke to get on serve, but I think he just didn't have enough gas to stay quite at Murray's level. It was entertaining though, both guys contested the other's serve in pretty much every game.
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The last Murray match was pretty good, although I'm worried he's falling back into old habits and getting tired too quickly. Ferrero should be a challenge for him, but I think he'll get through. The semi between Murray and Hewitt/Roddick should be very interesting...
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Federer's entire outfit looks goofy.

Between points, murry did look pooped in the end, but i think he held strong during actual play. Great match. It was fun to watch and hear the crowd. It made me wish I was there.
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Originally Posted by JD_May View Post
It's a tennis bag. I never understand the people focussing on what everyone is wearing... who gives a fuck.

Because he may be competing in the wrong tournament!
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Murray will wipe the court with Ferrero, who I actually like.

Federer-Dr. Ivo will be interesting.
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Is the third time the charm for Dinara Safina? I think she takes it.
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It would be nice for her if she does.

Tough to tell though. She usually plays well and then collapses in the final. The more she does this the tougher it is for her to handle finals. Once she finally gets past that block she'll be incredibly tough to beat.
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The road to the Men's finals is looking pretty good. Great action coming up in the Quarters, and I don't think it matters much who wins what, we're going to have some great matches.

I'm picking Federer, Murray, Roddick and Djokovic going into the Semi's.
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Couldn't watch the end of the Azarenka match. Will someone please get rid of Serena Williams? It is not at all sporting to allow a man to play on the women's side.
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I like watching Serena, and as stupid as that comment is, it poses an interesting question. How would Serena be ranked if she played on the men's side? I think there's a few top 100 men's players that she could beat with some consistency.
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