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Originally Posted by Tomasso
I've spoken with all three makers within the last two months and I've found that their prices varied a bit. These are approximate prices. Flemings-$350, April in Paris-$700, Hermes-$1300. Both Hermes and Bea(AP) hand stitch their belts, Fleming machine stitches.

I sensed that Hermes would be difficult to work with, what a surprise. Fleming seemed open for suggestions. I'm thinking that Bea would be a dream to deal with, and she offered a finish(in addition to glazed and matte) which the others did not offer.

I would add that the fact that a strap is made of one continuous piece of hide is not the sole indicator of quality. Properly executed, a pieced strap can be just as durable and some would say more interesting.

The millenium finish alligator is really beautiful. It is definitely what I would go for with Bea (I have two millenium straps). She is indeed a dream to deal with.
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In addition to April In Paris and such there is also Duret of Paris and Atelier du Bracelet Parisien.
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Originally Posted by JCM
This is great info - I live pretty close to April in Paris but have never been inside. I'll check it out this weekend and let everyone know. I'm a bit worried about's comment - I wouldn't consider myself a lower-level employee, but do want some versatility out of a belt that costs more than $100. Perhaps he (or someone else) can expand or clarify? Also, is it correct to say that higher-quality alligator belts will not be stitched around the edges? Thanks to all for the help so far.
Stiching is a personal preference. The stiching should be straight along the edges. The belt your buying is a bit wavy.( Also the keeper is a bit oversize.) Without stiching the edges have to be glued down. It's best to buy a quality belt in this case. The edges won't lift with wear. I'd add Bill Julian to the list of belt makers. 860 844 8440 Bill also does small leather goods and boots.
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Caelte - Can't find anything online on Bill Julian, care to provide a link? Or, barring that, the city in which Bill practices his trade? LabelKing - Duret stuff looks great! I will be in Paris in April (not to be confused with Bea's business...) and may check them out. Any sense on pricing? The website does not seem to list anything. Also, I saw that ABP advertises belts with changeable buckles, but this is not highlighted at Duret. Am I wrong to assume that they accomodate that feature?
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I just got my own crocodile belt, absolutely love it! Unfortunately its too big for me though! Oh well, will have to order another one! Anyway, Ive put it in the classifieds section if anyone wants to buy it at a knockdown price!
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