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What's people's take on theory?

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How's the quality?
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The quality is pretty good. Their stretch fabrics are the best I've seen. However, while I really liked their 1999-2000 line, I've not seen much to impress me more recently. For the same price and a similar style, I would rather buy Calvin Klein Collection.
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I love Theory. Their button up shirts have a really great fit. However the price deters me most of the time, considering it's possible to spend half the amount for very similar items; for example DKNY or CK. When i want to spend that type of money i'll buy some Sandy Dalal because the uniqueness is worth it to me. I'll only buy Theory when it's on sale.
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I haven't seen their S/S 2002 collection, as it's not readily available in Europe, so I can't vouch for it. I do have some things from earlier collections, though, and it makes great club wear. All of my Theory pieces have held up pretty well. Peace, JG
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I have some Theory pieces I just love, including some black flat front stretch pants that are slamming. However, I've found the fit of Theory garments to be inconsistent, which makes shopping for the right item more frustrating than it should be, and indicates to me that they may not have the greatest quality control. Nonetheless, the pieces I wear have held up very well.
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