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I forgot to post this.

We went to the NM last Call at Arundel Mills in Md last weekend. There were many many suits but I wasn't really paying attention--Zegna, HF, others. Burberry jackets that I loved, and for a pretty good price, reg 595 for 295 if I recall correctly. A nice selection it looked like.

I was after shirts and maybe a cardigan. The selection was abysmal. I ended up with one Burberry shirt (casual button up). Their selection of dress shirts was horrible--all plain white or blue, seemingly no organization at all so it was hard to find sizes. Casual button ups were a bit better, especially if you want something stripey. Holy crap, there was a universe of stripey shirts there. No sweaters I like, though there was a fair amount of cashmere from Theory, I think.

There was a pretty bland selection of odd trousers. Mostly they were black in various brands but there were a couple pair of tan HF that looked nice. I did happen to notice one pair of Incotex that were regularly 450 or so for 195 I think. All of these were in a 40 since I was looking for my size. But the selection seemed pretty uniform.

Shoes: boring. Not much there at all.

I'm not sure if this report is terribly useful, but there it is for what it's worth.