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PDA/Blackberry or Pen & Paper?

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What do you guys use to keep yourselves organized on the go? An electronic device of some kind, or a pen-and-paper calendar/address book system? I've been electronic for many years now, but I still meet a fair number of people who shy away from PDA-type devices. I'm lost without my Palm -- it's the most efficient way for me to organize and find addresses, appointments, to-dos, notes, etc. Plus it stores my ebooks, digital music, etc...
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Palm, since sometime in 2000.
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I had a Blackberry, but I recently gave it up because of the abysmal SQ on voice calls. It replaced a Palm and a cell. Now I carry a phone that syncs with iCal and Address Book over Bluetooth. It's less convenient to enter contacts, but often I'm not far away from my MacBook so it makes sense to enter a brief, cryptic note on the phone and fill in the details on iCal/Address Book when I get to the keyboard. As for music, I'd rather keep it on one of my iPods (big one for commuting, shuffle for training) than on my phone anyway. And I can't stand to read on small screens, so my reading material is usually the latest magazine that came to my door.
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I've always used a PDA since I was in 7th grade. Now I have a Samsung i600 which is a clamshell phone with Windows Mobile.
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I still find writing on paper a lot quicker than using my Blackberry for notes. If I can I'll go for my pbook, but actually moving my hand to spell out words on paper makes them more memorable.
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I maintain my schedule on my Treo. Before that, I kept everything in my head.
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Still using pen and paper... .

At least I can drop my calendar without fearing for major and expensive damage. Besides... I like the fact that I can flip a few pages in my calendar, rather than having to 'scroll' through the next couple of weeks.

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I do a combination of both pen&paper and a PDA (Dell). I try to keep a master calendar on my pda and also one in my office on paper. I find it easier to carry around the pda, but then again I'm prone to forgetting it. It is great to have in faculty meetings however, because I have wifi and can check my email while one of my colleagues is droning on about something or other that I'm not particularly concerned with.

On a day to day basis, I come into the office and look at my calendar (paper or pda) and then make myself a list of TO DO and put it above my keyboard and check things off as I go.

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When I'm away from my lap-top and integrated mobile: Brain.
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Use the Blackberry for organizing the contacts, but still like using a paper calendar for penciling in appts, dates, etc.
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Paper and pen. It takes too long to take notes for school on anything electronic. Also, I am a former pen nut, and thus I still enjoy the feel of a good pen (or high-end mechanical pencil). Plus, I have several high quality leather folios that just have a wonderful tactile feel to them. However, I sometimes transcribe my notes to digital via either scan and text convert or imputed verbally via dragon simply speaking.

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There is this guy who sat up front in one of my classes always putzing around on one of those Blackberry things with all his little beeps and clicks. I felt like walking up there and bitch-slapping him. Still, I reserved my anger for all the incessant foreign jibberish cell phone babblers. Sorry, I may be a crude, unsophisticated American, but answering a cell phone during a lecture and chatting away in your mother tongue is bullshit! Back on topic....all I need is a laptop, a Mont Blanc, and a legal pad. Appointments, tasks, and phone numbers are jotted down then collated in MS Outlook when I have time.
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But being rude in English is okay? That makes you sound worse than crude and unsophisticated.
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No, being rude in English is not ok. But it has never been a problem from any English speaker in my experience, we know better than to answer a cell phone during a lecture and causing a disturbance. The rude English speakers let their phone ring, check who it is, and turn it off. The people with manners turn theirs off before the lecture starts.
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Originally Posted by javyn
incessant foreign jibberish cell phone babblers.

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