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First Pair of Selvage Denim

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I went over to Freehold Raceway Mall today. I had the chance to buy a pair of Mavi Matt jeans, but I didn't have enough money on me. So while I was there, I had to go in to Uniglo and see what they had to offer. I had a pair of their regular jeans in my hand, but as I was looking around, I found a pair of Selvage denim. I got them cheap too, they were regularly $60, but they were on sale for $40. Heres the Picks If you want to see them. Front Back Fly I wanted to find a raw pair, but it looks like that the didn't have any. Before I end this post, do you guys have any tips on how to get them to look good. How often and how long should I wear them before I wash them? The first time I wash them, what kind of water do I wash them in and also should I dry them in a dryer or let them air dry? I'll post some photos when I wear the, in the show your jeans thread. Thanks you guys.
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just wear them as much as you can and wash when it's really dirty/really smelly. depending on your lifestyle and what you do in the jeans that could be one month, could be 3 months, could be 1 year. there's no arbitrary magic #
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Yeah, I had a feeling that they were washed, but I wasn't sure. I guess that it's going to be a long time before I was them, but I'm fine with that.
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Any one else have any advice?
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just don't think/worry about it so much.

thinking abotu it will make it seem like its taking FOREVER to wear in your jeans, worrying will get you totally obsessed about them and that leads to problems.

just wear them, wash them everyone few months or so and they'll turn out fine.

last tip-wash them inside out, and don't tumble dry them
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Thanks nairb, that was just the advice I was looking for. I just gotta pick up the Fabreeze and I'll be set. Also, I have started a blog of sorts. Everytime I wear them, I post an entry. It's on my myspace, so you'll have to deal with it in order to see it.
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I think one-wash jeans will show natural fading very well, although it might take a little longer than raw denim. I mean, buying a one-wash is basically the same as buying a non-sanforized shrink-to-fit and giving it a warm soak before wearing (which most people recommend doing). You just have to wear your jeans alot...
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Those have been washed and distressed by an industrial laundry. It's likely that they're treated with resin or other chemicals to prevent fading. You're not going to get much fading out of those jeans. You can wash those weekly. They're no different from any other pair of jeans.
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Yeah, I figured as much that they were already washed. But sitll they're considered selvage denim and I tend to treat them like raw denim and not wash them right away. No matter how long it takes, I'm gonna make them look good.
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You may have a misunderstanding of selvage denim. It has nothing with raw denim, which you can wear in with your own whiskers, honeycombs, etc. Selvage is simply a type of denim and comes in raw or, in this case, washed varieties. These won't really develop any whiskering, though they will fade a bit with every wear/wash. If you want to wear in a pair of raw-like denim, try the Uniqlo one-wash jeans that they probably had in the store. There's no need to treat these like raw denim, ie wearing 'em til they stink. Wash and enjoy.
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I think that I fell real stupid now. Considering that I'm still a nubie in the world of demin, I didn't realize the difference between selvage and raw, I though that they were one in the same. But considering, that I'm going to experament with what happens when you try to break washed denim, I going to treat these almost like raw denim.
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